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5 of the Most Avoidable Carrier Surcharges Explained

As each major carrier continues to increase their rates year after year, surcharges are one of the biggest areas shippers see snowball into a major expense. As frustrating as this can be, there are ways to avoid some of the most common surcharges applied by UPS and FedEx so you

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Are the Days of Free Shipping Numbered?

During the pandemic, skyrocketing e-commerce rates accelerated the evolution of consumer expectations, among them many set in motion by Amazon, including free delivery, next-day deliveries and in many markets, same-day deliveries. Now FedEx and UPS’s efforts to radically increase their profits are impacting retailers and e-commerce companies far more than

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FedEx & UPS Rates Have Gone Up: Here is the Impact We are Seeing

Our Shipping Intelligence® platform analyzes thousands of shipping agreements, models them, and runs them through simulations to give our customers data driven analysis. Now that FedEx and UPS rate increases are in effect for 2022, our data scientists took a deep dive into the impact shippers should expect to see

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What Is FedEx GRI?

2021 presented logistical challenges for businesses across the board. Rising inflation, shipping delays, and labor shortages are just a start to the laundry list of problems that created the perfect storm for an unpredictable shipping environment. And amongst the chaos, FedEx continues to pass on these challenges to their customers

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How To Negotiate Your Shipping Contracts in 2022

With FedEx and UPS seeing greater demand for parcel shipment volumes than ever before there’s no question it’s a difficult negotiation climate; however carriers are making agreements. Now is the time for all shippers to negotiate their 2022 contracts. It’s never been more important to be informed and prepared in

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