Money for Nothing: Why Reveel Gives Away Parcel Invoice Auditing for Free

We all know that feeling of skepticism when something claims to be free. Our first instinct is to ask ourselves, “What’s the catch?” and wonder if it’s too good to be true. However, we’re here to tell you that Reveel is all about transparency, and we’d like to explain why we offer our Parcel Invoice Auditing technology for free. So, let’s dive in and uncover the motivations behind why we do this.

Unleashing the Power of Data Analytics

Reveel is no ordinary company—we’ve learned to master data analytics. We use cutting-edge machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses optimize and manage their parcel shipping spend. Now, here’s the thing about ML and AI: the more data we have, the smarter we become, so it’s like having a superpowered sidekick who can see things and recognize patterns you can’t fathom or often overlook. So, the team at Reveel wants to collect as much shipping data as possible to supercharge our algorithms and provide mind-blowing insights. Want to hear the best part? We’re giving away our Parcel Invoice Auditing technology for free to make it happen!

Not a Trial, but Still Totally Free

Listen up, folks, because this is important—the free version of Reveel’s platform is not some limited-time trial that will expire after a certain time period. It’s the real deal and you can use it for as long as you want, absolutely free of charge. In return, you give us and our platform access to more data to make our technology even better. It’s a win-win situation. You get to enjoy the benefits of the app, including our parcel auditing and recovery capability, and the Reveel software gets to turbocharge our ML and AI algorithms. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

What You Get with the Free Version

So, what goodies do you get when you sign up for Reveel’s free version? Brace yourself for the awesomeness, because this version includes a lot more than you’d think.

Peer Comparisons

Compare your shipping performance against other shippers of a similar size and industry also on the Reveel Platform with the Reveel Peer Index (RPI). See how you stack up among the competition in a way that’s like having a friendly competition to see who’s rocking the shipping game the best.

Data Organization & Visualization

Reveel helps you keep your shipping data in check, even with the free version of our platform. We organize it in a way that even your grandma would understand, and our snazzy visualizations make it easy to spot the most relevant trends that help you make informed decisions.

Invoice Auditing & Recovery

Ever feel like your shipping invoices are too complex to understand or that they’re playing tricks on you? Don’t worry; Reveel’s got your back. Our shipping intelligence technology audits your invoices to catch any errors or sneaky overcharges, ensuring you only pay what you owe.

The Algorithm & Peer Comparisons

Behind the scenes, Reveel’s algorithm works its magic to create cohorts and provide those oh-so-important peer comparisons. Here are the factors that shape these cohorts and comparisons:

Service Spend

How much money you dish out to a particular shipping carrier every year can make or break your annual (and everyday!) shipping budget. Even the free version of our platform will track your shipping spend, including all those extra, unexpected fees that always seem to sneak into your invoices.

Surcharge Spend

In addition to your usual charges, Reveel will also keep track of all the dough you shell out for miscellaneous carrier-initiated surcharges like residential fees, fuel surcharges, and dimensional surprises. Whether these surcharges are expected based on your shipping history or it’s a rare occasion, we’ll track it for you.

Average Cost Per Shipment

While many business owners can estimate their average shipment cost, both the paid and free versions of our platform will give you the exact amount. This also covers your base rates, surcharges, dimensions, and weight/zone considerations. It’s like finding out how much your shipping adventures cost you on average.

Shipping Weight

Reveel’s platform also monitors your shipping weight, which looks at two things: the average weight of a single shipment and the percentage of your shipments that hit you with higher rates because they exceeded the dimensional weight threshold. It’s all about keeping those weights in check.

Minimum Charges

Do you know how many of your shipments meet or exceed the minimum expenses set by the carriers you use most often? With Reveel, we understand you don’t want any surprises when it comes to hitting those minimums, so we’ll keep our eye on that for you, too.

Reveel and our free version are here for you. With decades of combined shipping experience on our team and the drive to give high-volume shippers the do-it-yourself platform, you can find simple ways to save money today. Contact us to learn more.

The Reveel App uses AI and machine learning to provide an unparalleled look into what’s impacting your bottom line. Through invoice audits, peer benchmarking, and rate modeling/simulations, you can see the health of your operation and assess pricing changes from parcel carriers like FedEx and UPS. Sign up for a free Reveel account today to see how you can leverage automation to synthesize your data, ship more for less, and reduce the time needed to identify issues and action items.

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