How Reveel Gives You Exclusive Access to the Most Competitive Pricing

Reveel Provides Exclusive Access to Most Competitive Pricing

Almost every American retailer has to ship products one way or another. Whether it’s component parts traveling to manufacturing centers or finished products on their way to end-of-line customers, most of our companies have packages to move.

And most of them are paying too much to do it.

Reveel helps companies save money on shipping costs by claiming refunds they didn’t know they were owed and by negotiating better contracts with their carriers.

After 12 years in this business, we’ve found that few companies know how to make sure their carriers pay them refunds, and most companies’ contracts are much more expensive than they could be.

Reveel offers unique tools that allow companies to save on both fronts. By tracking shipping data in real time using our reporting and analytics tool, we can help companies understand their shipping profile and decide what to target in their next contract negotiation. And by auditing companies’ shipping invoices, we can track when their carriers messed up and help them collect the refunds they deserve.

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Our Team: Former Pricing Executives Who Know How to Negotiate

Most of Reveel’s team members come from the shipping industry. Some were pricing executives at the major U.S. shipping carriers. Others helped negotiate shipping contracts on behalf of UPS, FedEx, and other carriers.

That means they know how these companies work, inside and out. They know what ideal carrier contracts look like and they understand what carriers are most willing to negotiate. In other words, they know how to get the best shipping rates for companies. These experts can steer company executives toward the parts of their contracts where they’re most likely to save on shipping costs.

In negotiation preparations, Reveel advises executives to think like their carriers. Our consultants point executives toward the four key points carriers consider in negotiations — how much they spend on small packages, how well they align with the carrier’s network, how strong their brand is and how much the carrier stands to lose if they don’t win the contract.

The most popular part of our contract negotiation services? We don’t charge any flat fees, so our consultants don’t get paid if you don’t. Most of our agreements with clients are structured so that companies share the savings with Reveel. If there are no savings, Reveel doesn’t collect any money.

How we Review Invoices to Maximize Benefits in Clients’ Existing Contracts

While our consultants can help executives secure big savings in negotiations, our invoice auditing software can help companies start saving money right away.

For example, every day, 3 to 5 percent of shipments arrive late. Most carriers offer refunds on late shipments, but companies have to review their invoices quickly and closely enough to catch these errors and file claims within 15 days. Most businesses simply don’t have the bandwidth to do that.

Reveel’s invoice auditing software flags late shipments right away, so companies have plenty of time to file claims. Requests for refunds like these are filed electronically and often denied, which is why Reveel has a call center to follow up on claims.

With our help, our clients’ recovery rate is at least 10 percent higher than it would be if they worked alone. Companies using our invoice auditing software typically recover 1 to 3 percent of their total shipping costs from late deliveries alone.

On top of that, our 45-point audit flags surcharges that may have been applied incorrectly. If we review them and find the carrier made a mistake, we can help our clients recover that money too.

Our Data: Localized Knowledge of the Areas Your Company Serves

What’s common across all Reveel’s services is our ability to collect, analyze and help executives understand data. When our consultants study company data, they can offer tailored shipping strategy recommendations based on what items that company ships, how much volume it ships and where those parcels go.

For example, if your company is considering expanding to a different region or state, Reveel can help executives review the routes and offerings of local, regional and national carriers — or a combination of these services.

Because Reveel consultants have worked across the industry for a variety of companies, they are intimately familiar with where carriers’ distribution hubs are and how dense their service is in locations across the country.

Using this knowledge, Reveel can help companies model a prospective expansion using their existing shipping profile — and figure out how much the data says it should cost, as opposed to what their carrier says.

In shipping, knowledge is power. Companies that know their shipping profiles, track their deliveries and audit their invoices in real time, and plan strategically for expansions can stay ahead of their carriers. Reveel is here to help.

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