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Podcast Episode 2: Measuring Your Shipping Health with the Reveel Peer Index™️

In our latest podcast with Reveel’s co-founder and CEO, Josh Dunham, we dive into the innovative features of Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence®️ Platform and the importance of the Reveel Peer Index™️ (RPI™️) to your shipping health.

The Reveel Peer Index™️ is a single metric that you can use to judge the overall success of your shipping. The RPI™️ is a number from 0 to 100 that compares your shipping health to your peers with a similar shipping profile to yours. Our advanced data science uses machine learning to mine millions of shipping data points for the best practices and rates and highlights where you can improve among your 6 VitalFactors™️.


Podcast Episode 1: Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence® Platform & Your 6 Shipping VitalFactors™️

Listen in as our co-founder and CEO, Josh Dunham, breaks down how and why Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence® Platform was created. 

In Episode 1, you’ll learn the 6 most important elements of your shipping performance: Service Spend, Surcharge Spend, Average Cost Per Shipment, Weight & Dimensions, Minimums, and Average Shipping Zones — and how to easily measure and track your 6 VitalFactors™️ with Shipping Intelligence®.

Leveraging our platform’s powerful dashboards, you’ll see your overall shipping performance and receive actionable insights with concrete steps to lower your shipping costs and increase the effectiveness of your shipping agreement.

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