Reveel for Pitney Bowes Parcel Spend Management

While there are several reputable shipping carriers available, the United States Postal Service (USPS) often stands out as a preferred choice for many businesses. Known for its cost-effective ground shipping rates and reliable delivery, USPS is the shipping carrier of choice for retailers and organizations who want an efficient shipping process. However, long transit times and expensive shipping rates for large packages make it difficult for organizations to effectively manage their parcel shipping strategy. To combat these challenges and empower organizations to control their shipping operations, Reveel has implemented PSM 2.0 solutions so businesses can save time and money on parcel shipping.

Why Organizations Choose Pitney Bowes USPS

There are many advantages to using USPS for shipping, including:

Ground Advantage

USPS Ground Advantage is now the most affordable USPS service for lightweight and heavy packages up to 70 pounds. In addition to being a budget-friendly shipping solution, Ground Advantage offers several benefits, including $100 of insurance, shipment tracking, and free pickups.

Reliable Delivery Network

The USPS network is widespread, with an extensive network of post offices and delivery routes covering every corner of the US. For businesses that need to reach customers nationwide, USPS is a reliable shipping carrier that offers timely and efficient delivery, including free Saturday delivery.

Competitive rates

USPS offers competitive pricing, especially for lightweight packages and small businesses. Rates for USPS First-Class Mail or Priority Mail are often more affordable compared to other carriers like UPS or FedEx.

Challenges For Pitney Bowes USPS Customers

USPS is a popular shipping carrier, but organizations that ship heavy packages or rely on real-time tracking may experience challenges. In the competitive landscape of logistics and shipping, organizations need a parcel delivery service that is the complete package—reliable, efficient, and affordable. Businesses need a solution that:

Manages cost-effectively:

With order matching capabilities, organizations can rely on more precise billing processes, accurate cost predictions to manage budgets, and transparency in the shipping process.

Optimizes USPS contracts:

Avoid hiring expensive consultants and utilize PSM 2.0 solutions that will enable you to optimize your contract by working more effectively with your carrier of choice.

What Are The Six Key Performance Areas?

If USPS is your selected shipping carrier, Reveel can help streamline your operations with intuitive, powerful solutions backed by A.I. technology. Gain visibility into the key performance metrics for your USPS shipping along side other carriers, like FedEx and UPS, all in one easy to use app.

Service Spend

The total amount you spend with a given shipping carrier annually. This should include accessorials and other line items on your invoices.

Surcharge Spend

The total amount you spend on carrier-initiated surcharges, like residential, fuel, and shipping dimensions charges.

Average Cost Per Shipment

The average amount you spend per shipment, including the base rate, freight surcharges, parcel dimensions, and weight/zone considerations.

Minimum Charges

The percentage of shipments that meet or exceed the carrier’s agreed-upon minimum expenses.

Shipping Weight:

The total amount of product weight you shipped over a given period can be categorized into two parts:
a) Average Weight – the average shipping weight of a single shipment
b) % hitting DIM weight – the percentage of your total shipments that incur a higher rate because they exceeded the dimensional weight threshold.

Average Zone

The average distance travelled by your packages.

Carrier Performance

A measurement of on-time vs. late delivery as measured against carrier service levels.

Time in Transit

The total time a shipment takes from the time it's picked up to the time it's delivered.

Simplify And Save on USPS Shipping With Reveel

If USPS is your carrier of choice, Reveel can help streamline your operations.

Agreement Monitoring & Contract Management

Carrier agreements and contracts can be mind-numbing and complex. With pages and pages of intricate business jargon, it’s not feasible for organizations to manage their parcel operations effectively without a reliable parcel shipping software. Reveel’s contract management solution constantly monitors for discount expirations and revenue tier stats so you can easily manage your USPS contract.