Identify Areas for Improvement With Vital Factors Dashboard

the easy-to-use tool to understanding your shipping performance.

The Reveel platform makes it simple to measure and track the metrics that matter most to you. Use your Vital Factors dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of your shipping performance in comparison to other shippers with a similar shipping profile to yours. The colored bars indicate how your performing in comparison to your peers. Simply select one of the Vital Factors to drill down into the specifics.

What’s more, you’ll receive actionable insights that give concrete actions that can get you back into the green.

What Are The Six Key Performance Areas?

Service Spend

The total amount you spend with a given shipping carrier annually. This should include accessorials and other line items on your invoices.

Surcharge Spend

The total amount you spend on carrier-initiated surcharges, like residential, fuel, and shipping dimensions charges.

Average Cost Per Shipment

The average amount you spend per shipment, including the base rate, freight surcharges, parcel dimensions, and weight/zone considerations.

Minimum Charges

The percentage of shipments that meet or exceed the carrier’s agreed-upon minimum expenses.

Shipping Weight

The total amount of product weight you shipped over a given period can be categorized into two parts:
a) Average Weight – the average shipping weight of a single shipment
b) % hitting DIM weight – the percentage of your total shipments that incur a higher rate because they exceeded the dimensional weight threshold.

Average Zone

The average distance travelled by your packages.

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When you have a clear understanding of your shipping performance, you can make more informed decisions to improve how your operation handles your shipping weight, shipping dimensions, and more. That’s the power of Reveel’s Vital Factors.


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Why Choose Reveel?

Reveel’s vital factors and shipping intelligence platform offers the most comprehensive and actionable data to help you save time and money. We’ve cracked the algorithms of the world’s top global carriers to present you with the most actionable shipping data available on the market today. Plus, our expert computer and data scientists are constantly working to improve our services so that you can continue to optimize your shipping performance and stay ahead of the curve.By baselining your starting position, acting on the insights presented by Reveel, and regularly benchmarking your shipping performance against your peers, you will stay ahead of the competition and benefit from cost efficiencies and improved productivity.


Carrier surcharges are fees that carriers add to your standard shipping invoice to cover additional costs they incur when they have to go beyond the original scope of work agreed upon in your contract. These surcharges could be the result of many necessary actions or last minute requests. A few common examples are the carrier needing to expedite the delivery of a package overnight, the carrier needing to change the mode of transportation to accommodate the desired route, or the carrier having to spend more money on fuel to complete the delivery.

Reveel provides shipping reports focused solely on your parcel shipping spend, and the metrics that impact how much you are spending.  Our easy-to-read dashboard displays six key performance indicators known as VitalFactors®. These Vital Factors were chosen after we had interviewed hundreds of businesses and individuals that rely on shipping, and we asked them which metrics mattered the most to them when they evaluate their shipping spend. This high level overview is a great way to spot check your shipping performance. If you want a more granular shipping report, you can click into any one of the Vital Factors to see specific elements that are contributing to the score of that metric.  


Another huge advantage to using the Reveel platform is that you get transparency into how you compare to other organizations that have similar shipping profiles to yours. This helps you see the most important aspects of your shipping operation, and helps you easily identify where you need to optimize. Our hope is to eliminate any blind spots in your parcel shipping invoices, helping you save time, money, and energy on your parcel shipping.