Parcel Audit & Recovery Solution

Get every last credit you’re owed free of charge

Every year, 75% of parcel audit credits owed by UPS and FedEx go unclaimed. That’s $1.25 billion worth of credits! How much of that money is yours? Reveel finds and recovers every credit you’re owed by your carrier. The best part? It’s absolutely free. No catch, no strings attached. fr

Leading Parcel Audit Software

The intelligent platform that finds 100% of the refunds you’re owed. Identify overpayments and uncover the credits you’re owed with the built-in parcel audit software on Reveel’s one-of-a-kind shipping intelligence platform.

Most businesses are overcharged by their carrier when they don’t perform according to their agreement, often without the shipper ever knowing. Instead, Reveel’s proprietary parcel audit software will analyze your invoices and recover the credits owed to you.

What’s Included in Reveel’s Parcel Audit Software

Automated Audits & Invoice Recovery

Our platform’s parcel invoice auditing runs automatically to uncover discrepancies and overpayments. If we find any credits owed to you, we make the call to recover them on your behalf.

Customizable Reports & Data Visualization

Gain complete visibility into your shipping costs with our suite of fully customizable reports and data visualizations, which allow you to focus on the important data that matters most to you.

A Full Breakdown of Credit Types

Get a comprehensive breakdown of your credits, including any overcharges, duplicate charges, and applicable weight discrepancies, to ensure that you’re always getting the maximum refund possible.

100% Free Parcel Invoice Auditing

There’s no catch—with our Essential Membership, you keep 100% of your credits and parcel audit payments while also receiving a comprehensive benchmark of your shipping spend performance.

No sign-up fees, monthly fees, or hidden costs – just more money back in your pocket!

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Instantly identify potential refunds owed to you by carriers like UPS and FedEx, and take proactive measures to reduce shipping cost errors. Never waste another dime on your shipping logistics with Reveel’s intelligent platform. Book a free demo today to find out how we can help optimize your parcel invoice auditing.

How it Works
  1. Sign Up
    Using our platform is easy. Simply sign up for a free account and sync your unique carrier data.
  2. Get connected
    Easily upload your parcel invoices to our secure platform via connecting your carrier accounts, a PDF, Excel, or CSV file.
  3. Reduce Annual Costs
    Recover overcharges and get a comprehensive benchmark of your shipping performance – parcel invoice auditing is free!
Why Choose Reveel?

At Reveel, we offer an accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive view of your shipping spending. Our platform’s robust features and built-in parcel audit software gives you visibility into your overspending so you can get your credits and save in the long term. 


Parcel audit software is a tool that analyzes your shipping invoices to identify overpayments and potential refunds. It helps businesses like yours recover money from shipping charges that were incorrectly assessed or not properly claimed. Overpayments can occur due to various reasons, such as missed discounts, inaccurate package dimensions, or weight discrepancies.

Reveel’s Parcel Audit Software is an intelligent platform that scans your shipping invoices, identifies overpayments and reveals information you might not otherwise have been aware of. It offers a comprehensive breakdown of overpayments, duplicate charges, and discrepancies, helping you reclaim every cent owed to you by carriers like FedEx and UPS.

Reveel’s Parcel Audit Software not only helps you recover overpaid fees, potentially saving your business hundreds to thousands of dollars annually, but it also provides insights into your shipping spending patterns. It assists in making informed decisions about carrier selection and services, optimizing shipping policies, and improving overall efficiency.

Yes, the Reveel Essential Edition is indeed free for life. This edition allows you to perform automated audits, recover overpayments, and compare your shipping spending against industry peers. There are no signup fees, monthly charges, or hidden costs associated with using the Essential Edition.

You can start benefiting from Reveel’s software within minutes of signing up. The powerful AI-driven parcel software analyzes data that allows you to identify discrepancies and areas of overpayments swiftly. This means you can take proactive measures to rectify these issues and optimize your shipping expenses almost immediately.

Reveel not only points out that you’ve overpaid but also provides detailed information about where, how, and why you’ve been overcharged. Its state-of-the-art parcel invoice auditing software delivers a comprehensive breakdown of your overpayments and credits, separating overcharges from duplicate charges and weight and dimension discrepancies to ensure that you reclaim every cent you are owed.

Reveel’s Parcel Audit Services are entirely free. By using this service, you can reclaim credits and overpayments, benchmark your shipping spending, and enhance your business performance compared to industry peers. Reveel provides valuable data to help reduce shipping errors, optimize logistics, and improve efficiency.

Starting with Reveel’s Parcel Audit Software is easy. Simply sign up for a free account, sync your carrier data and invoices, and begin accessing the available services. The Reveel Essential Edition will benchmark your carrier spending, identify overpayments, and offer customizable dashboards to visualize your data effectively.