Contract Management Solution

No surprises, Never lose a discount again

Reveel’s contract management solution eliminates the big surprise because a discount expired, you dropped a revenue tier, or you underestimated your General Rate Increase impact. Our tech is like 24/7 surveillance to ensure your agreement is as optimized today as the day you signed it.


Agreement Monitoring

Carrier Agreements are mind numbingly complex, with page after page of terms and conditions which make them almost impossible to manage. There are two main areas where you’re losing discounts, and it’s costing your business a lot of money:

  1. Dropping out of a revenue tier: Agreements have structured tiers so that if you ship between certain dollar ranges you’ll get a different discount. If you ship a little bit more, you might bump up into the next tier and be eligible for a larger discount, but if you ship less and you fall a tier you can lose a significant amount of discounts which means a significant amount of money. The carriers typically don’t warn you that it’s happened, and you find out the next time you get an invoice.
  2. Discounts that expire: Not all terms in your agreement survive for the length of the term. The carriers typically don’t alert you that it’s happened, and you find out the next time you get an invoice. Not only do you get 180 days advanced warning of expirations, but also details on the dollar impact of not taking action.

Benefits of Carrier Agreement Monitoring

Never Lose a Discount Again

The platform constantly monitors for discount expirations. Reveel shows you the name of the service, your current discounts, and what the impact will be if you let the discount expire. You will also receive a 180-day advance earning of expiration to give you time to contact your carrier rep. With Reveel, you'll never lose another discount again.

Always Know Your Revenue Tier Status

Get alerted when you're approaching the limits of your revenue tier. Know what volume you can shift to other carriers without risking lost discounts and when it's time to renegotiate for agreement to take advantage of increasing volume.

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GRI Impact Analysis

Every year, carriers announce their General Rate Increase which is essentially their price list. This year both UPS and FedEx announced that the increase would be an average of 6.9%. However, that percentage doesn’t consider surcharges, rules, or, more importantly, your specific shipping profile. It makes a big difference what services you use the most. The 2024 macro analysis the Reveel team executed showed the real average was 7.72% for UPS and 8.17% for FedEx.

The GRI Impact analysis takes all the averages away and gives you the actual increase by modeling the GRI Impact using your shipping profile and applying the new rates and rules to every package you shipped over a given date range. This shows you the areas in your agreement that are most impacted by the new rates and rules and points to where you might want to pay attention to or possibly renegotiate with the carrier (follow the money).


Contract Optimization

Get the optimal agreement every time

Reveel empowers you to work more effectively with your carriers to craft the optimal agreement for your unique shipping profile—without the need for expensive consultants. Use PSM 2.0 to bring transparency to where you spend the most so you can focus the conversation on the areas that have the biggest impact on your business.

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Why Choose Reveel?

Reveel’s Carrier Management feature fully integrates with your business, providing you with a complete view of your contract. We help you save time and money by automating your contract management processes and quickly identify opportunities for savings over time. We’re passionate about empowering our customers to save money and improve their overall parcel shipping experience.