Reveel for FedEx Spend Management

FedEx is a major shipping carrier with a worldwide portfolio of shipping, transportation, and ecommerce and business services. From express services like overnight shipping and same-day delivery to international shipping services, FedEx can be an excellent option for both small ecommerce businesses and major enterprises. 
However, complex contract agreements with pages and pages of complicated business terms make it difficult for organizations to effectively manage their parcel operations. To bring much needed transparency to parcel shipping, Reveel leverages Parcel Spend Management 2.0 technology to to empower business leaders to make decisions that can significantly reduce parcel spending.

Where FedEx Excels

FedEx has a history of providing efficient and effective shipping services, including:

Rapid Express Delivery

FedEx offers some of the fastest shipping services in the parcel delivery industry, including same-day shipping and overnight delivery. This is ideal for businesses with time-sensitive packages that need to get to their final destination as quickly as possible.

Extensive Delivery Options

FedEx has a wide range of delivery options for businesses with different delivery needs and budgets. From ground delivery to same-day services, companies can choose the best shipment option based on parcel distance, weight, and size.

FedEx customers’ biggest challenge is the complexity of carrier agreements and contract schedules. Businesses are often unnecessarily spending on higher level services, overwhelmed by hundreds of terms and conditions, or left with discount expirations that don’t survive the length of their contract. To better optimize parcel shipping operations, businesses need a solution that:

Optimizes FedEx contracts

Avoid hiring costly consultants with a software that ensures your carrier agreement is optimized for your unique shipping needs.

Recovers credits owed to you

75% of parcel invoice audit credits owed by carriers go unclaimed every year. Avoid unnecessary spending by implementing a parcel audit software that reveals discrepancies.

Analyzes invoices and audits

Reviewing shipping invoices manually can take hours that your organization can’t afford to waste. Advanced analytics enable automation that frees up your team to focus on more important matters.

Simplify And Save on FedEx Shipping With Reveel

If FedEx is your carrier of choice, Reveel can help streamline your operations.

Parcel Audit & Recovery

Unfortunately, $1.25 billion worth of credits go unclaimed every year—but not with Reveel. Our parcel audit software uncovers every single credit FedEx owes you so you can reclaim money from shipping charges that were incorrectly assessed. The best part? With our Essential Membership, parcel invoice auditing is 100% free—no strings attached.

Contract Management & Agreement Monitoring

With Reveel, you can count on never losing a discount again. Carrier agreements are notorious for being extensive and tricky to manage, so we’re simplifying the process. Reveel’s platform constantly monitors for discount expirations and revenue tier status so your organization can proactively work with your carrier representatives to maintain an optimal agreement for your business.