Finance Automation Solution

Make better decisions and close the books faster

When it comes to parcel shipping, accurately determining cost allocation is vital for financial clarity and strategic planning. Finance Automation stands out as a powerful tool for achieving this financial precision. Without a way for companies to apply actual costs to each package shipped, or connecting what was supposed to happen with what actually did happen, they are forced to spread the cost evenly across all packages.

General Ledger (GL) Coding

Automating General Ledger (GL) coding for repeatable rules transforms how you handle your finances and simplifies the exceptions management process. By streamlining the process of booking journal entries, you can ensure that your financial operations are seamless and error-free.

Code at the general ledger (GL), channel, store, location, vendor, customer, or any custom level and unlock unparalleled flexibility and insight into financial operations.

With GL Coding, organizations can access early detection of operational non-compliance, identify potential issues early, take corrective action swiftly, and maintain compliance with financial regulations.

Order Matching

Manage costs effectively with order matching, where expected shipping costs are meticulously matched to actual shipping invoices, and benefit:

Accuracy in Billing: Ensure that the billed amount by the carrier aligns with the initially quoted price, safeguarding businesses against overcharges.

Budget Management:  Accurate cost predictions help you better manage and forecast your budget.

Financial Transparency: Bring transparency to the shipping process and track where and how your shipping budget is being utilized.

SKU Level Productivity

Conduct a detailed profitability analysis at the SKU, product, or order level, enabling you to pinpoint exactly which items are incurring unexpected fees and surcharges.

Get the level of granularity that’s needed for strategic decision-making, providing clarity on product-level performance.

Share dashboards and insights with key stakeholders across sales, marketing, procurement, and executive teams, ensuring that all departments are aligned and informed. And above all, enhance product line profitability and operational efficiency to optimize your financial health.

ERP Integration

Finance automation software allows you to seamlessly integrate carrier billing data with order, warehouse, ERP, or TMS data to get automated accrual reporting in real-time with unmatched precision. Now, you can gain greater visibility into landed cost-reporting instantly at the package level, enhancing your financial clarity and control.

Plus, get round-trip integration capabilities from Reveel to your customer enterprise data warehouse (EDW) or ERP system, ensuring data cohesion and streamlined operations across your business landscape.

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