Modeling and Simulation Solution

Run complex scenarios and get the answers you need in real-time

Modeling and Simulation is at the heart of Parcel Spend Management 2.0. By creating digital models of your carrier agreements and using actual shipment data to run simulations of different scenarios, you’re able to gain visibility into the black box of parcel shipping.

Agreement Comparison

Compare carrier agreements side by side

The complexity of carrier agreements means you have no way of knowing what you’re actually saving. And trying to compare one agreement to another when service levels and base rates are different? Good luck.

With Reveel, you can do your own analysis in minutes rather than hire an expensive consultant and wait for their analysis. Drag and drop a PDF, and our tech does the hard stuff so you can be confident when comparing apples to apples.

Rate Modeling and Simulation
GRI Impact Analysis

The General Rate Increase (GRI) by major carriers like FedEx and UPS is a significant annual event that impacts the bottom line of companies reliant on parcel shipping services. While traditional methods like spreadsheets or the basic analysis offered by some parcel spend analysis vendors have been widely used for analyzing such impacts, the shift towards using Parcel Spend Management (PSM) 2.0, which uses advanced modeling and simulation to accurately model the real impact. By creating a digital model of the carrier contract, you can not only model the GRI impact, but also accurately forecast the next year’s spend

Benefits of GRI Impact Analysis

Forecast and Budget with Confidence

Don't get caught explaining why you've blown your shipping budget. Get an accurate impact of new carrier rates based on your unique shipping profile.

Lower Shipping Spend

Proactive comparison against market rates ensures you maintain the best possible rates and terms.

Take Proactive Action Before the Rates Take Effect

Know exactly where the new rates will impact you and proactively take action to mitigate areas that impact you the most.

Model and Simulate your Actual costs

Digitized agreements are converted into a format that our powerful modeling and simulation software can use. You can then model new rates against your actual shipments down to the package level and run what-if simulation scenarios to see the real impact of rate changes.

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Reveel’s Carrier Management features fully integrates with your business, providing you with a complete view of your contract monitoring. We help you save time and money by automating your contract management processes and quickly identify opportunities for savings over time. We’re passionate about helping our customers save money and improve their overall parcel shipping experience.