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The Reveel Peer Index (RPI) is a score of the health of your shipping, giving you an immediate sense of how you’re doing, areas you may be overpaying, and opportunities you’re missing to decrease your business shipping costs. Shown as a number from 0 to 100, your RPI is calculated based on six shipping VitalFactors® relative to a cohort of companies with a similar shipping profile.

We interviewed hundreds of shippers to learn which shipping KPIs shippers today pay the most attention to. We call those six shipping KPIs Vital Factors. Reveel uses data analytics to compare you against those Vital Factors relative to your peers and give you the shipping visibility you need to improve and save on your shipping costs for small business.

With the Reveel platform, you will be placed in a Peer Group. This group is determined by us evaluating our database of customers to group you with those who have similar shipping characteristics and shipping costs for small business. These can be anything from similar service spend and average cost per shipment, to weight, surcharge spend, zones, and the percentage of minimums hit.

Currently, we support FedEx and UPS to help the majority of small businesses reduce shipping costs. If you would like to request integration with another parcel carrier, please contact our team to let us know.

Uploading your agreement to the Reveel platform is simple. You just drag and drop an agreement from your computer directly into the App or select “Upload PDF” and select the carrier agreement from your browser’s interface.

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