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The Reveel Peer Index (RPI) is a numerical value between 0 and 100 that measures the overall health of your shipping operations. It provides a snapshot of your current position, considering the extent to which you are overpaying for services or missing out on cost efficiencies, especially in business shipping costs. Your RPI is calculated based on our six VitalFactors® and benchmarked against similar companies in your industry, while also enhancing your shipping visibility.

Our expert team, comprising former DHL, FedEx, and UPS sales executives, identified essential KPIs through extensive industry interviews. These are known as VitalFactors®. We employ advanced data analytics to compare your shipping health against these factors, helping you identify your baseline position and implement strategies to reduce shipping costs and save on shipping costs, including for small businesses, while simultaneously improving shipping visibility. These insights are available through our free shipping software.

Reveel’s benchmarking places your business into a Peer Group consisting of industry-relevant companies with similar shipping characteristics. We consider various factors, including annual spending, service spending, average shipment cost, weight, dimensions, zones, and surcharge fees, with an emphasis on addressing business shipping costs and helping you reduce shipping costs and save on shipping costs overall, all while enhancing your shipping visibility. Our goal is to have you gain immediate access to shipping KPIs and streamline your operations for long-term cost savings.

Reveel integrates seamlessly with FedEx and UPS. If you need integration with other carriers, please reach out to our team, and we’ll strive to assist you in minimizing business shipping costs and working to reduce shipping costs and save on shipping costs across the board, while also boosting your shipping visibility.

Uploading your agreement to the Reveel platform is simple. You just drag and drop an agreement from your computer directly into the App or select “Upload PDF” and select the carrier agreement from your browser’s interface.

Reveel’s insightful data analytics empowers you to identify overpayments, optimize shipping costs for small businesses, and enhance shipping visibility, ensuring informed carrier decisions.