Reveel for UPS Parcel Spend Management

United Parcel Service (UPS) is the shipping carrier of choice for companies worldwide. As one of the most popular names in shipping, UPS is a top carrier for organizations that need specialized shipping services or those who just want to simplify the shipping process. Despite being a top pick for both small and large ecommerce companies, high costs and surcharges for oversized packages make it difficult for organizations to manage their parcel shipping budgets. To empower organizations to control their shipping operations, Reveel has implemented robust PSM 2.0 solutions so businesses can save time and money.

UPS has a reputation for being one of the most reliable shipping carriers in the parcel industry, and for good reason. They excel in:

Reliable Delivery

Reliability from your shipping partner is critical no matter what industry you’re in, and UPS is one of the most dependable shipping carriers in the world. UPS’s guaranteed delivery services make it an excellent shipping partner for your business.

World-Class Ground Delivery Service

UPS Ground is the leading provider of ground delivery services. It offers the lowest shipping rates and fastest delivery times for ground delivery service, with 90% of packages being delivered in 3 days or less.

Obstacles UPS Customers Are Facing

Despite being a highly dependable and fast shipping service, UPS customers’ most significant challenge is the cost associated with their services. When customers first review their contracts, the prices often seem comparable to other parcel careers. However, there are usually additional costs and surcharges on the final bill depending on what you’re shipping or how large or heavy your box is.

To ensure business success, organizations need a parcel delivery service that checks all of the boxes: reliable, quick, and affordable. To optimize parcel shipping operations, you need a solution that:

Monitors your carrier agreement:

Contract management solutions notify you when a discount has expired or if you’ve dropped a revenue tier so you can avoid surprise charges.

Optimizes your contract:

You don’t need to hire expensive consultants to ensure your carrier agreement fits your shipping needs. PSM 2.0 solutions will enable you to optimize your contract by working more effectively with your carrier of choice.

Recovers credits:

75% of parcel audit credits owed by carriers like UPS and FedEx go unclaimed. A parcel audit software can uncover the refunds you’re owed and any overpayments to ensure that you never lose out on money owed to you.

Optimize UPS Shipping Costs With Reveel

If UPS is your carrier of choice, Reveel can help streamline your operations with easy-to-use solutions powered by A.I. technology.

Parcel Audit & Recovery Solution

Businesses lose up to $1.25 billion worth of credits every year! Reveel’s shipping intelligent platform finds and recovers every credit UPS owes you for free. With Reveel, you receive a comprehensive breakdown of your credits owed including overcharges and duplicate charges to ensure that you’re always getting the highest possible refund.

Agreement Monitoring & Contract Management

Carrier agreements and contracts can be overwhelming—with pages and pages of complex business terms, it can be nearly impossible for organizations to effectively manage their parcel operations. Reveel’s contract management solution makes it easy to manage your UPS contract. Our software constantly monitors for discount expirations and revenue tier stats so you never lose out on a discount ever again.