Parcel Shipping Analytics Solution

Like a data analyst at your fingertips

Reveel’s parcel shipping analytics solution takes complex shipping invoice data, cleanses and normalizes it, then presents it in an easy-to-use app. Advanced analytics comb through mountains of data to find the needles in the haystack that can save you money.

Identify Areas for Improvement With Vital Factors Dashboard

The easy-to-use tool for understanding your shipping efficiency

The Reveel platform makes it simple to measure and track the metrics within the 6 key performance areas. Use your Vital Factors dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of your shipping efficiency. The colored bars indicate how you’re performing. Simply select one of the Vital Factors to drill down into the specifics.

What’s more, you’ll receive actionable insights that give concrete actions that can get you back into the green.

What Are The Six Key Performance Areas?

Service Spend

The total amount you spend with a given shipping carrier annually. This should include accessorials and other line items on your invoices.

Surcharge Spend

The total amount you spend on carrier-initiated surcharges, like residential, fuel, and shipping dimensions charges.

Average Cost Per Shipment

The average amount you spend per shipment, including the base rate, freight surcharges, parcel dimensions, and weight/zone considerations.

Minimum Charges

The percentage of shipments that meet or exceed the carrier’s agreed-upon minimum expenses.

Shipping Weight

The total amount of product weight you shipped over a given period can be categorized into two parts:
a) Average Weight – the average shipping weight of a single shipment
b) % hitting DIM weight – the percentage of your total shipments that incur a higher rate because they exceeded the dimensional weight threshold.

Average Zone

The average distance travelled by your packages.

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Actionable Insights Save You Time and Money

Advanced data analytics software finds the needles in the haystack

There are hidden pots of gold in your shipping invoice data that are nearly impossible to see. AI and Machine learning algorithms comb through massive amounts of data in seconds to find the patterns that save you time and money. What if you could reduce your shipping costs by 10% without changing anything about how you operate? Chances are, you could – but you’d never know it without access to the right tools to analyze your unique shipping data.

Reveel’s powerful, user-friendly shipping analytics software converts your mountain of data into clear, actionable insights that increase your bottom line.

Key Features

Automated Data Entry

Get near-real-time access to your shipping data with our automated data-loading system.

In-Depth Analysis

With advanced analytics, you can uncover hidden trends and optimize your shipping operation. Select a specific account and date range and get your answer in seconds.

Powerful Insights

Get recommendations in the form of real actionable insights—like eliminating late fees or identifying surcharge spend outliers—on how to improve your shipping efficiency processes to save time and money.

Anomaly Detection

Statistical Analysis techniques automatically comb through mountains of data to alert you to anything that is more than 2.2 standard deviations from your normal shipping patterns. Identify issues like unintended consequences or fraud before they become an issue.

Get the Details at a Press of the Button

Want to take action immediately? Just click the generate report button and the data you need will be at your fingertips instantly.

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Dashboards & Reporting

Visualize better shipping spend performance

Once you’ve identified where you’re coming up short on Vital Factors, Reveel’s dashboards let you drill down to the details. See important metrics like trends over time, allocation of shipping spend, and regional hotspots. Customized reporting lets you go even further, with package-level details on where you’re spending money and what you can do to save.

Customizable Enterprise Class BI

Make better decisions with precision

Do you need to do some in-depth analysis? Perhaps you’d like to combine your invoice data with data from your ERP system. Reveel includes an enterprise-class business intelligence environment that lets you take your analysis to the next level.

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When you have a clear understanding of your shipping efficiency, you can make more informed decisions to improve how your operation handles your shipping weight, shipping dimensions, and more. That’s the power of Reveel’s Vital Factors.


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How it Works
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  3. Start Tracking Your Vital Factors
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Why Choose Reveel?

Reveel’s vital factors and shipping intelligence platform offers the most comprehensive and actionable data to help you save time and money. Our expert computer and data scientists are constantly working to improve our services to empower you to continuosly optimize your shipping efficiency and stay ahead of the curve.By acting on the insights presented by Reveel, you will stay ahead of the competition and benefit from cost efficiencies and improved productivity.