Green Mountain and Reveel Forge a Strategic Partnership to Enhance, Enable, and Expand their Parcel Spend Management Solutions

IRVINE, Calif. and Memphis, TN – September 6, 2023 – Green Mountain, the leading provider of parcel spend management solutions for enterprise shippers, and Reveel, whose Shipping Intelligence™ Platform enables companies to level the playing field with carriers, are pleased to announce their partnership. This strategic collaboration aims to deliver comprehensive parcel spend management solutions by leveraging each company’s technology and expertise, ultimately better serving the needs of the parcel shipper market.

Under this strategic partnership, Green Mountain and Reveel have joined together to offer a powerful suite of solutions tailored to different segments of the parcel shipping industry, harnessing their unique strengths to serve the diverse needs of parcel shippers of all sizes.

Green Mountain has established itself as a trusted leader in enterprise parcel spend management and the leading solutions provider for continuous improvement of the customer delivery experience. Their team empowers enterprise shippers to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiencies, and elevate customer satisfaction. Reveel, on the other hand, excels in delivering advanced parcel spend management and data analytics solutions specifically designed for small to mid-sized shippers.

By combining their unique expertise and leveraging our industry-leading technology stacks, Green Mountain and Reveel can better serve the distinct requirements of parcel shippers of all sizes. This strategic partnership enables them to optimize technical resources and unique knowledge to deliver unparalleled value to customers.

“We are thrilled to establish this partnership with Reveel,” said Jim Jacobs, Co-founder and CCO of Green Mountain. “By collaborating in this way, we can ensure that parcel shippers of all sizes have access to the best-in-class solutions they need to thrive in today’s complex shipping landscape. This collaboration allows us to better serve the needs of the market and drive customer success.”

Josh Dunham, Co-founder and CEO of Reveel, echoed the sentiment, saying, “This partnership with Green Mountain aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing all shippers with cutting-edge parcel spend management solutions. By combining our efforts, we deliver remarkable value and drive substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies for our customers.”

Both Green Mountain and Reveel have earned a solid reputation for delivering exceptional customer experiences and industry-leading solutions. Through this strategic partnership, they are poised to address the diverse needs of the parcel shipper market, offering solutions that propel growth and success.

For more information about this partnership, please contact Tommy Duke of Green Mountain at, or Marc Aliotta of Reveel at

About Green MountainGreen Mountain is the leading provider of parcel spend management solutions. With a focus on parcel optimization and cost reduction, their team helps businesses improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in shipping operations. Learn more about Green Mountain.

About ReveelReveel is the leading Parcel Shipping Intelligence™ Platform that enables companies to level the playing field with FedEx and UPS. Its unique technology enables shippers to break free of expensive parcel shipping consultants with an easy-to-use software app that brings transparency to the black box of carrier agreements. With over 17 years of parcel agreement management expertise and over $1.2B in parcel spend under management, the company’s SaaS app provides actionable insights to make smarter business decisions, optimize carrier agreements, and give shippers peace of mind. Reveel empowers customers to leverage the power of data science and peer comparison data to capture significant ROI. For more information, please visit the company’s website and follow it on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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