FedEx notified US shippers of the impact on imports as Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) enters into the next phase of their Canada Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) initiative. The CARM initiative will change how commercial goods are imported to Canada for both resident and non-resident importers. 

In May 2021, CBSA entered into the next phase of CARM, Release 1 (RLS 1), where the CARM Client Portal (CCP) was launched for all commercial importers. The CCP now allows shippers to self-serve and manage customs transactions directly with the Canadian government. For example, collecting duties and taxes can now be done through the new portal.

The second phase of CARM, Release 2 (RLS 2), is scheduled for Spring 2022. Sign up for the CCP platform and make sure your business is ready when all CARM requirements become mandatory in RLS 2. Learn more about CARM.