Powerful tools to save on parcel shipping—wherever you are in your agreement cycle.

Whether you’re in the middle of your carrier agreement or you’re about to renegotiate, Reveel’s easy-to-use tools put you in control of your shipping.

Easy to use decision support tools, powered by AI.

Reveel is the only platform that scores your shipping health compared to other companies like yours, tells you where you can improve, and what to do about it.
Compare yourself against your peers
Compare and monitor carrier agreements
Get actionable insights on ways to save.
Level the playing field in your next carrier negotiation.
Invoice Audit & Recovery

Get every last credit you’re owed—free. No, really, free.

Every year, 75% of parcel audit credits owed by UPS and FedEx go unclaimed. That’s $1.25 billion worth of credits! How much of that money is yours? Reveel finds and recovers every credit you’re owed by your carrier. The best part? It’s absolutely free. No catch, no strings attached.

What’s Included in Reveel’s Parcel Audit Software

The total dollar amount you’re owed
We even call to appeal denied credits!
A breakdown of credit types
Did we mention it’s free?
You keep 100% of your credits
Reveel Peer Index®

See your shipping health in a single number.

Shipping is complex. Understanding your shipping health doesn’t have to be. The Reveel Peer Index (RPI) sums up the health of your shipping in a single number, giving you an immediate sense of how you’re doing. A number from 0 to 100, your RPI is calculated based on six shipping VitalFactors® relative to your peers.

VitalFactors® & Peer Comparison

See how you stack up to other shippers like you.

It’s hard to see which metrics matter most to your shipping—and nearly impossible to know how healthy you are in each of those areas. That’s why Reveel uses data analytics to diagnose your shipping health relative to your peers. You’ll see how your shipping VitalFactors® compare to other shippers with similar profiles so you can identify exactly which areas need your immediate attention

The most important metrics in shipping, your VitalFactors include:

Service Spend
Surcharge Spend
Average Cost Per Shipment
Dimensional Weight
Average Zone
Actionable Insights

Learn exactly what to do to save money.

You shouldn’t have to be a data analyst to save money on shipping. But the complexity of agreements and shipping data makes it nearly impossible to know where you can save—let alone what to do about it. Reveel changes the game. It transforms your mountain of shipping data into clear, actionable steps to save money. We find the needles in the haystack, identifying every instance of possible savings—and telling you exactly what to do to get them. 

Dashboards & Reporting

Visualize better shipping spend performance.

Once you’ve identified where you’re coming up short on VitalFactors, Reveel’s dashboards let you drill down to the details. See important metrics like trends over time, allocation of shipping spend, and regional hotspots. Customized reporting lets you go even further, with package-level details on where you’re spending money and what you can do to save.

Agreement Comparison

Compare carrier agreements side by side.

The complexity of carrier agreements and published pricing means you have no way of knowing what you’re saving. And trying to compare one agreement to another during your carrier negotiations? Good luck.

With Reveel, comparing agreements is as easy as dragging and dropping. Our tech does the hard stuff so you can be confident you’re comparing apples to apples.

You get refreshing clarity on the actual savings generated by each agreement.

Agreement Monitoring

Never lose a discount again. Ever.

Losing discounts without warning can have a huge impact on your shipping costs.

Reveel actively monitors your agreement, with predictive analytics that proactively alert you before you slip out of your revenue band or one of your discounts expires.

Not only do you get 90 days advanced warning of expirations, but also details on the dollar impact of not taking action.

Rate Modeling & Simulation

Take the guesswork out of shipping costs.

When carriers announce rate increases, it’s impossible to know how bad they will hurt. With rate modeling & simulation, you can see the actual impact of any number of changes to your agreement, including rate increases, surcharges, and spend changes. Clearly see the impact of hypothetical changes to revenue bands, discount expirations, and surcharges—and take the guesswork out of critical decisions on shipping. 

Contract Optimization

Get the best deal —guaranteed.

To get the best deal in a carrier agreement negotiation, it’s essential you know two things: what to ask for and how to ask for it. Our expert team of former FedEx, UPS, and DHL pricing analysts have conducted thousands of agreement negotiations and know how to ensure you and your carrier negotiate the best deal. They’ll tell you which discounts you should negotiate, and how you can work with your carrier to get the absolute best deal for your unique shipping profile.


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