Agreement Monitoring

Carrier Agreements are mind numbingly complex, with page after page of terms and conditions which make them almost impossible to manage. Our clients tell us there’s two main places they’ve lost discounts and it’s cost them a lot of money

  1. Dropping out of a revenue tier: Changes in your shipping volume can have a negative impact on the on the discounts that you’re receiving. Agreements have structured  tiers so that if you ship between certain dollar ranges you’ll to get a different discount. If you ship a little bit more you might bump up into the next tier and be eligible for a larger discount, but if you ship less and  you fall a tier you can lose a significant amount of discounts which means a significant amount of money. The carriers typically don’t warn you that it’s happened, and you find out the next time you get an invoice. 
  2. Discounts that expire: Not all terms in your agreement survive for the length of the term. The carriers typically don’t warn you that it’s happened, and you find out the next time you get an invoice. 

Benefits of Carrier Agreement Monitoring

Never Lose a Discount Again

The platform is constantly monitoring for your discount expirations. We show you the name of the service, show your current discount and what the impact will be if you let the discount expire. You will give you 90 days advance warning of an expiration to give you time to contact your carrier rep. The platform will never let you lose another discount.

Alway Know Where You are in yor Revenue Tiers

Get alerted when your approaching the limits of your revenue tier. Know what volume you can shift to other carriers without risking lost discounts. Know when it's time to renegotiate for agreement to take advantage of increasing volume.

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How it Works
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  2. Add Your Contracts

    Upload or manually add your carrier contracts into Reveel. Our system will automatically parse and index the key data points within your agreements.

  3. Save More Money

    We analyze your carrier contracts and provide recommendations on how to improve your current parcel shipping agreement terms.


Why Choose Reveel?

Reveel’s Carrier Management feature fully integrates with your business, providing you with a complete view of your contract monitoring, FedEx and UPS shipping discounts, and more. We help you save time and money by automating your contract management processes and quickly identify opportunities for savings over time. With a team of former sales executives from UPS, DHL and FedEx, we know first-hand how to optimize your carrier contracts. We’re passionate about helping our customers save money and improve their overall parcel shipping experience.