Carrier Agreement Comparison

Carrier Agreements are mind numbingly complex, with page after page of terms and conditions which make them almost impossible to compare one agreement to another. Agreement comparison is powerful modeling technology designed to bring you clarity and transparency. Shippers have told us they feel like they are negotiating in a black box and wished there was more transparency when working with carrier reps. Many have experienced getting proposals from both FedEx and UPS and being told by each rep that theirs was the best, but having no way to effectively compare them since they are so different in format, base rates, and terminology.

Agreement Comparison lets you drag and drop PDF agreements into the platform. It then digitizes them, normalizes them, and presents them in an apples to apples side by side comparison.


Benefits of Carrier Agreement Comparison

Know Your Shipping Profile Better than the Carrier

Follow the Money!! Agreement Comparison creates a digital twin of you agreement, and then presents it in a way that shows you exactly where your spending your money.

Lower Shipping Spend

Proactive comparison ensures you maintain the best possible rates and terms for your business.

Save Time

Parcel Spend auditing is the first step in any carrier negotiation and used to take consultants many weeks to perform and often only analyized a fraction of the data. Agreement Comparison saves time and money by performing a far more complete analysis in minutes using advanced data science.

Evaluate Carrier Proposals with Side by Side Comparison

Agreement Comparison normalizes competing proposals so to account for differences in term and base rates that often hide to real costs.

Model and Simulate your Actual costs

Digitized agreements are put into a format that can be used by powerful modeling and simulation software. You can model new rates against your actual shipments down to the package level and run what-if simulation scenarios to get the real impact of rate changes.

Unlock exclusive shipping discounts with UPS and FedEx.

Our experts will work with you to land the best possible rates, manage discounts centrally, and review real-time analytics to show how much you’re truly spending on shipping.

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How it Works
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  2. Add Your Contracts

    Upload or manually add your carrier contracts into Reveel. Our system will automatically parse and index the key data points within your agreements.

  3. Save More Money

    We analyze your carrier contracts and provide recommendations on how to improve your current parcel shipping agreement terms.


Why Choose Reveel?

Reveel’s Carrier Management feature fully integrates with your business, providing you with a complete view of your contract monitoring, FedEx and UPS shipping discounts, and more. We help you save time and money by automating your contract management processes and quickly identify opportunities for savings over time. With a team of former sales executives from UPS, DHL and FedEx, we know first-hand how to optimize your carrier contracts. We’re passionate about helping our customers save money and improve their overall parcel shipping experience.


Routine review of carrier services ensures that you are benefiting from the best parcel shipping deals available. Overpaying on shipping can cost your business thousands of dollars annually and impact your bottom line.

Reveel offers real-time carrier management, providing immediate action for issues or expiring discounts. Its business intelligence tool generates data to assist in successful parcel contract negotiation, leading to long-term time and cost savings.

Reveel’s tool generates accurate data that aids in pricing negotiations with carriers. It tracks carrier performance against agreements and sends real-time alerts for timely responses. This proactive approach improves shipping benefits, reduces spend, and enhances overall business outcomes.

By automating tasks like carrier performance tracking and pricing change assessment, Reveel frees up administrative staff for value-added activities. The software’s reports present actionable information, facilitating decisions by business owners and C-level decision makers.

Reveel’s intuitive web-based interface centralizes carrier data, ensuring easy access when needed for senior-level decision making. This reduces disruptions caused by scattered data sources.

Reveel’s monitoring of carrier performance and identification of shortfalls allow you to take actions to improve service levels. This enhances business outcomes and can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Reveel’s shipping intelligence tool identifies shipping discounts for small business  from carriers like FedEx and UPS. Unlike businesses that might miss out on these discounts, Reveel helps you benefit from high levels of customer service while maintaining competitive pricing.

Reveel’s experts assist in achieving the best rates for your shipping needs, centralizing discount management, and providing real-time analytics to showcase your annual shipping spending and savings.

Reveel streamlines parcel contract negotiations, improves carrier management, and lets you “follow the money” by identifying which discounts are most important for your business. Its suite of contract monitoring tools showcases how Reveel saves you money.

Sign up online for free access to Reveel’s tools and dashboards. Input your carrier contracts into the system, which will analyze key data points and provide customized recommendations for improvement and potential discounts.

Reveel’s Carrier Management integrates seamlessly with your business, offering a holistic view of carrier contracts, effective monitoring, and access to FedEx and UPS shipping discounts. Backed by industry experts, Reveel automates contract management and identifies long-term savings opportunities.

Reveel is designed to save you time and money by optimizing carrier contracts. Managed by industry experts, it helps you enhance your parcel shipping experience, ensuring cost-effective and efficient operations.