Shipping Intelligence That's Purpose Built for Parcel Spend Management

Everything you need to optimize shipping operations, manage agreements, reduce costs, and get the decision support you need with our easy-to-use AI-powered tools.

The only shipping intelligence platform that empowers you to ship smarter.

Stop overpaying for parcel shipments. Reveel’s specially built shipping dashboard enables businesses like yours to;

  • Organize and visualize vast amounts of shipping data
  • Make better business decisions based on intelligent insights
  • Maximize savings during contract negotiations
  • Eliminate the need for expensive consulting services

Benefits and key features of Reveel Shipping Intelligence

Analytics-Driven Shipping

Get a clear picture of your transportation spending with innovative reporting and analysis tools. We’ll help you find ways to cut costs, understand your shipping zones, and improve efficiency.

Audit Credit Recovery

Shippers often overpay on their transportation invoices due to errors, miscalculations, and other billing issues. Our audit and credit recovery services can help get the money you’re owed back into your pocket.

Agreement Monitoring

Track and manage your carrier contracts, so you always know your current agreement is optimized. Receive real-time alerts when surcharges are about to expire, or where you are in your earned discount revenue bands.

Agreement Comparison

Not sure if you’re getting the best deal on your transportation contracts? Reveel gives you a side-by-side comparison of your current agreement against competing carriers. We’ll offer decision support and help you know when it’s time to renegotiate.

Peer Comparison

Compare your shipping performance against others in your industry. Use our peer comparison data to see where you can improve and make immediate changes to your operations.

Eliminate the Need for Expensive Consultants

Reveel's do it your self tools are like the Turbo Tax for Parcel Spend Management. Automation and tool wizards replace the need for long term consulting agreements.

Save up to 22% on your parcel shipping. Book a free demo today.

Improve your bottom line today.

Achieve over 10x ROI with Reveel’s best-in-class shipping intelligence platform for your shipping logistics. Request a demo to see how we can help your business gain insights on your shipping zones and save thousands on annual shipping costs.


How it Works
  1. Create your account Create an account online in minutes. Simply sign up and provide your company information and shipping details, and you’re good to go.
  2. Sync Your Carrier Data Connect your shipping data to get started. This will allow you to see all your shipping data in an easy-to-use dashboard.
  3. Enjoy The Savings The more you ship, the more volume discounts and cost-saving opportunities you’ll automatically unlock.
Why Choose Reveel?

Reveel is the first and only shipping business intelligence platform to provide businesses with powerful tools to identify bottlenecks, optimize spending, and make real-time decisions that improve efficiency and reduce costs in the long term.

Our robust features and intuitive shipping dashboard give you the visibility and control you need to optimize and run your operation like never before.


Shipping business intelligence involves the systematic analysis of data, extracting valuable insights crucial for decision-making in shipping operations. At Reveel, we specialize in harnessing data to specifically target cost reduction and optimization within parcel shipping.

Reveel’s shipping business intelligence platform stands as an industry pioneer, designed to empower businesses in strategically managing their parcel spending. Our platform offers real-time decision support, enabling proactive measures for long-term efficiency and substantial cost savings. Through our comprehensive features and user-friendly shipping dashboard, gain unparalleled visibility and control, empowering you to optimize your business operations efficiently and effectively within the shipping landscape.

Shipping zones have a large impact on any company that relies on shipping. A shipping zone is a 50-100 mile geographic radius, typically an area code, that a parcel carrier traverses when delivering shipments. Carriers will add the number of zones spanned in a delivery to measure how far a package has traveled. As you might expect, the farther a package needs to travel, the more the vendor will need to charge for the delivery. 


For example, if a package needs to travel inside of a 50 mile radius, that is only traversing one zone, so carriers call this “Zone 1”. If a package needs to travel to the edge of a 100 mile radius, then the carrier needs to travel across two zones, so the carrier would call this “Zone 2”. The higher the zone, the more expensive the shipping cost. Other elements factor into delivery costs, like package weight and dimensions, but shipping zones are a major factor. 


​​Reveel’s shipping business intelligence software will provide you with the clarity you need to understand what your average shipping zones are; along with how, when and where you spend money on shipping, to identify areas where improvements can be made. We can help you cut costs, identify and understand the shipping zone that is applicable to your business, and improve your overall profitability.


For example, Reveel can show you that shipping to a particular area code might not be profitable for you because it traverses too many zones, and the surcharge for the high shipping zone is greater than the revenue made on the purchase being shipped. Or let’s say you ship from California and you need to deliver to Florida. You might find that you need to invest in a warehouse in Texas so that when you ship cross country you are crossing fewer zones, and this strategically placed warehouse reduces your long distance shipping spend.

Another huge advantage to using the Reveel platform is that you get transparency into how you compare to other organizations that have similar shipping profiles to yours. This helps you see the most important aspects of your shipping operation, and helps you easily identify where you need to optimize. Our hope is to eliminate any blind spots in your parcel shipping invoices, helping you save time, money, and energy on your parcel shipping.