What was it like working at FedEx? Although he enjoyed the job, our VP of Operations Nick Nowaczyk noticed a few things that didn’t sit well with him.

One, FedEx and UPS charged the same amount to ship comparable packages—down to the penny—despite the many different variables in the two businesses’ operations.

And two, Nick often found his own goals in direct conflict with his customers. While his customers wanted to save money and get the lowest shipping rates possible, his compensation was directly tied to FedEx’s margins. That meant that serving his customers and giving them the “best deals possible” meant cutting into his own goals and compensation.

So even though he wanted to serve his customers, he wasn’t in the best position to do so. That is until Reveel Co-founder Chad Beville came along.

Hear Nick’s story to see the reasons he left FedEx for Reveel—and why he’s never looked back.