Employee Spotlight: Jason Mellblom, Senior Software Engineer

    Behind every successful company are dedicated and talented individuals who drive progress and growth. Our employee spotlight series is all about introducing you to the exceptional members of the Reveel family. Get to know their unique backgrounds, discover their contributions, and gain a deeper understanding of the culture that makes Reveel a remarkable place to work.

    How would you summarize what you do? 

    At Reveel, I like to say that I bring to life the designs of DV (our designer)! I try to make our platform visually fun to interact with, while being intuitive to use, and effectively conveying the information needed to our clients and users. 

    What makes you want to stay at our organization? 

    My excellent teammates are what keeps me at Reveel. We all have a high level of trust with each other. There’s always an interesting problem to work on, or a new feature coming up. Much of our work requires a great deal of cross-departmental collaboration to execute, and we do that well, with little friction. I am real-life friends with my teammates outside of work, so you know the connection is real! 

    What do you like about our company culture? 

    I like how flat our organization is – there are few barriers between us, and anyone can reach out to anyone else directly.  

    Can you tell us a few details about the favorite part of your job? 

    Problem solving is probably my favorite part of the kind of work I do. I often encounter tasks that I have no idea how I’ll accomplish it, and strategically working through the issue and coming up with a working solution is one of the highlights of my job. 

    What does your daily routine look like? 

    I usually wake up a little early and start making lunch for the kids (2 daughters almost 3 and 4 yo). Then I help them get dressed, fed, and out the door for school. After missing my kids all day at work, I enjoy my favorite part of the day, which is picking them up from school where my kids exclaim “Dad, you came back!” and run to give me a big hug. Then I try to have dinner with the family, and spend the rest of the evening fighting with the kids and their resistance to the bedtime routine. After bath, pajamas, and teeth brushing, I contemplate my life while the kids stay up way past their bedtime, monopolizing my bed as well as any remaining patience I have left. 😉 

    Tell us the most significant project you’ve handled and how it has impacted our company? 

    I would say our entire software platform in general is the most significant project I’ve handled, as we were brought on to help create this new department from scratch. Transitioning to this SAAS model is a huge shift for our company and gives our users a tangible platform they can use and interact with, supplying real value for them, and helping us keep them as a customer. 

    How does your current job compare with the previous jobs you’ve had? 

    Previously I was working on enterprise software at a huge corporation with tens of thousands of employees, so comparing that to my current job, where we only have a few dozen employees, is pretty different. When the company gets too big, it ends up feeling like you are just a cog in the machine, no matter what kind of work you do. At Reveel, I know everybody in the company – I feel useful, important, and significant. I collaborate directly with almost all the departments, and it feels much more like a “family”.  

    What things stood out for you about our management team? 

    One thing that really stands out is how much our management team trusts each person with their domain expertise. I believe that choosing the right people for the job, and then trusting them with their knowledge is one of the best qualities a leader can have, and I see it exemplified throughout the leadership team. 

    Which company values resonate with you the most? 

    While most of our values are respectable enough, the ones that make it harder to be self serving (and therefore harder to actually hold as values) are the ones that resonate with me the most. So out of Reveel’s core values, I think Transparency and Empathy are the ones that most speak to me. I’ve witnessed many times these values being put into practice and can say we truly are driven by these values. 

    Who inspires you the most within our organization? 

    Is it too cliché to say our CEO, Josh Dunham? He continues to inspire me, from the way he leads the company, to how he manages his family life, to how he trusts the experts around him, and is still willing to get in the trenches with us about the smallest minutiae. Josh really does seem to embody Reveel core values. 

    What’s unique about working for our organization? 

    Perhaps not as unique as it would be before the covid era, but we have a pretty distributed team across the country, and even across the globe. Despite the distance and time zone differences, we still manage to feel like a tight-knit company. 

    What’s the most exciting thing you are working on right now? 

    Progress bars!! 

    What skill do you think everyone should learn? 

    It happens to be one of our company values, but I really think perseverance is one of the best skills to learn or strengthen. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve only overcome a problem after persisting past the point of wanting to quit – It’s an almost euphoric feeling. Perseverance is a skill that can apply equally to sales as it does to software engineering. Of course, it needs to be balanced against other considerations to avoid diminishing returns, loss of perspective, burnout, and other things, but in general I think most of us could benefit from an extra skill point allocated to our Perseverance stat. 

    What motivates you? 

    A few things that motivate me are: Having talented comrades, getting recognition for my work, working as a team towards a common goal, and having 2 young daughters to provide and be an example for. 

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