How To Negotiate Your Shipping Contracts in 2022

With FedEx and UPS seeing greater demand for parcel shipment volumes than ever before there’s no question it’s a difficult negotiation climate; however carriers are making agreements. Now is the time for all shippers to negotiate their 2022 contracts. It’s never been more important to be informed and prepared in order to secure the best rates and terms.

With Fedex and UPS General Rate Increases right around the corner, Reveel’s Co-Founder and CEO, Josh Dunham, wrote an amazing article for Parcel Magazine that outlines the top strategies for a successful contract negotiation with your carriers. The piece takes into account the current market conditions influencing negotiations and how you can equip yourself, and your business, with the necessary information to negotiate your contracts with confidence in the ever changing world of shipping. Josh covers these critical topics:

·      It’s crucial to negotiate more than ever

·      Understand the carriers’ mindset going into 2022

·      Know what is negotiable and what is not

·      Audit your invoices

·      Know your shipping profile

·      Follow the money in your negotiation

·      Negotiate surcharges aggressively for 2022

·      Explore flat rate shipping options and negotiate capacity guarantees

To get the full spread, head over to page 16 in Parcel Magazine’s November-December issue to get informed. 

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