Reveel Webinar: The 4 Key Success Factors to Parcel Spend Management

Are you ready to take your parcel spend management to the next level? Join us on October 18th, 2023, at 2:00 PM ET for an insightful live webinar hosted by Reveel, a leading name in optimizing parcel spend management. In this one-hour session, we’ll delve into the four key success factors that can transform the way you manage your shipping costs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the experts!

Webinar Description

In our previous webinar, Reveel’s CEO, Josh Dunham, illuminated the power of data and AI in optimizing parcel spend management. We also heard compelling stories from White Labs, demonstrating how technology can effectively replace the traditional gainshare model. Building on that foundation, this upcoming webinar will focus on what the best shippers are doing to actively manage their shipping expenses.

The 4-Step Process for Parcel Spend Management Success

Successful shippers have a proven formula for success, encompassing four critical steps: Planning, Measuring, Optimizing, and Monitoring. During this webinar, we will walk you through these steps and teach you:

  1. How to Get the Most Out of Your Agreement: Learn strategies and tactics to maximize the value of your shipping agreements. Discover insider tips that can help you negotiate more effectively and uncover hidden savings.
  2. How to Ship Like the Big Guys with Small Company Resources: You don’t need a massive budget to compete with industry giants. We’ll reveal the secrets that allow small and mid-sized companies to ship efficiently and cost-effectively.

Meet the Experts

Speaker: Josh Dunham, CEO, Reveel

Josh Dunham, the visionary CEO of Reveel, will be sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of parcel spend management. With years of experience, he has guided numerous companies toward substantial savings and improved shipping strategies. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from a true industry leader.

Speaker: Kat Small, Chief of Staff, White Labs

Kathryn Small is seasoned logistics professional with over 20 ears of experience in the field. Currently, she serves as the Chief of Staff at White Labs, Inc., a position that she has held for 9 years. Over the course of her tenure, she has developed expertise in logistics, project management, and IT support, making her a key contributor to the success of the organization. Kathryn collaborates with cross-functional teams at White Labs’ 3 locations, to drive results and ensures that business operations run smoothly.

Moderator: Robert Bowman, Editor-in-Chief, SupplyChainBrain

Robert Bowman, the Editor-in-Chief of SupplyChainBrain, will be moderating this engaging discussion. With his deep insights into supply chain management and logistics, Robert will ensure that the webinar flows smoothly and all your burning questions are addressed.

Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive content from Reveel. Follow us on social media for the latest news and insights.

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