Employee Spotlight: Jay-R, Client Support Specialist

Behind every successful company are dedicated and talented individuals who drive progress and growth. Our employee spotlight series is all about introducing you to the exceptional members of the Reveel family. Get to know their unique backgrounds, discover their contributions, and gain a deeper understanding of the culture that makes Reveel a remarkable place to work.

How would you summarize what you do? 

As a client support specialist I handle client inquiry, resolving concerns, training and having a goal of providing delight to our valued clients.

What do you like about our company culture? 

There is always a safe environment for learning, asking questions and asking for help. It’s great to work in a company where you will feel safe to ask questions to any teammates who will be more than happy to help and provide learning opportunities. 

Can you tell us a few details about the favorite part of your job? 

What I love the most is training our clients with our Platform. For them to see the value of what we can do and showing them how they can benefit and improve their shipping health by maximizing the features of the platform is so fulfilling.

Tell us the most significant project you’ve handled and how it has impacted our company? 

The most significant project I’ve handled is to proactively reach out to our clients who are not using the Reveel Platform and offer them a training session. We want to make sure that they are aware on how the Reveel Platform can provide valuable insights that will help provide more savings, avoid unnecessary charges and have better understanding on things that they can act on, that would promote their shipping success. From that project, we covered more than 90% of the clients and their new teammates were able to maximize this too, we received more usage of the platform, we learned more about their needs, identified our opportunities for improvement and create more engagement for us to help further.

What things stood out for you about our management team? 

The sincerity to develop the strengths and potentials of each employee and to help out any way they can. They made me feel that my efforts and contributions are valued, and they made me feel that they have that goal for my growth and development.

Which company values resonate with you the most? 

That would be Learning. As our technology develops, as the shipping industry evolves and as change is always constant, there is always room for improvement, and an opportunity to learn and develop our skills. As we always strive to to learn new things and how we can improve, this will ultimately benefit us, our teammates, our company and our clients.

Who inspires you the most within our organization? 

There’s a lot. But to name a few, First is Jak, as she has been my first mentor (still is) and an amazing guide for me to achieve my goals. Next is Nick, as he has this gift that motivates people and makes them feel that they are valued and is there to always provide help. Lastly for Michael, Steve and Jodee, they have continued to provide a lot of learning about the industry, support to my tasks and continually work on improving my skills and the process we have as a team. All these leaders, among others too, motivate me to be a better version of myself and for the entire team. 

Which work benefit or perk is your favorite and why? 

To have the privilege of working at home, making use of my time and energy on work than spending long hours to travel and prepare for work, and most important is having more time with my family and and create more wonderful memories with them.

Describe how you’ve grown professionally since you started working for us. 

I was promoted from Data Entry to Customer support, to Training specialist, to client support specialist Level 2. My leaders were able to see my potentials, guided me to improve my skills and knowledge, and now paying it forward as I help my teammates and share what I’ve learned to help resolve our clients concerns, inquiries and requests.

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who wants to work for us? 

Be yourself, because our leaders will see where we will grow and put you in a position where you will provide the most value, maximize your potentials and enjoy what you are doing.

What motivates you?

What motivates me is to see the fruits of my hard work, as my leaders appreciate my contributions and help improve our process as a team. With leaders making me feel that my small and big wins are appreciated, it motivates me to give out my best shot each time. 

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