Optimizing Shipping: How Brighton Collectibles Transformed Operations with Reveel

In today’s competitive retail landscape, efficient shipping can make or break a business. Brighton Collectibles, a renowned name in accessories, understands this all too well. To stay ahead, Brighton turned to Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence™ Platform to optimize their shipping operations and achieve significant cost savings.

The Challenge

Shipping represents one of Brighton’s largest expenses, especially with the rise in e-commerce sales. The company needed a way to analyze and optimize shipping costs without compromising on service quality. Accessing and understanding their shipping data was the first step, but it was proving to be a daunting task for the lean team at Brighton.

The Solution

By leveraging Reveel’s Parcel Spend Management 2.0 platform, Brighton was able to transform their shipping strategy. Reveel’s platform uses advanced analytics to clean, normalize, and analyze shipping data, providing actionable insights that help businesses like Brighton optimize their shipping spend.

Key Benefits


      • Cost Savings: Identifying and correcting inefficiencies led to significant reductions in shipping expenses.

      • Enhanced Negotiations: Armed with accurate data, Brighton could negotiate better terms with carriers.

      • Operational Efficiency: Quick access to vital shipping data streamlined processes and improved decision-making.

      • Customer Satisfaction: Optimized shipping strategies ensured high service levels, meeting customer expectations effectively.


    With Reveel, Brighton has seen remarkable improvements in both efficiency and cost savings. The insights provided by Reveel’s platform have allowed Brighton to negotiate better contracts, identify spikes in expenses, and make informed, strategic decisions that enhance overall operations.


    “Data enables us to make better decisions – and Reveel gives us the ability to use those insights to optimize every aspect of our shipping operations, while maintaining the service levels customers have come to expect from Brighton Collectibles.”
    — Chris Cansiani, CFO, Brighton Collectibles

    Want to dive deeper into how Brighton Collectibles achieved these impressive results? Download the full case study to learn more about their journey with Reveel and how you can apply these strategies to your own business.

    Download the Case Study

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