FedEx Announces MORE Surcharges on U.S. Express, Ground, and Ground International

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This is the second surcharge increase this month from FedEx. This time the surcharges are on U.S. Express and Ground services and Ground International.  

Additionally, the peak fuel surcharge tables have been updated to reflect a higher fuel surcharge.  

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Here is a summary of the additional surcharges taking effect on June 21, 2021:

  • Peak Additional Handling increasing from $3 to $3.50/per charge
  • Economy Ground (previously SmartPost) increasing from $0.75 to $1.00/per shipment
  • Residential (for shippers over 30,000 packages/week) doubles from $0.30 to $0.60/per residential
  • Fuel Surcharge tables are changing to increase Fuel Surcharge %

The new fuel tables (effective 6/21/2021) can be found here.


To quote the FedEx Surcharge announcement:

Customers at the enterprise level who meet a certain volume threshold (as indicated below) will be charged a Peak — Residential Delivery Charge. The scope of a customer’s volume shall be determined by FedEx in its sole discretion. The Peak — Residential Delivery Charge will be assessed in addition to the customer’s Residential Delivery Charge. Any contracted discount or cap the customer may have on the Residential Delivery Charge will not apply to the Peak — Residential Delivery Charge. For invoicing purposes, this charge will be combined with the customer’s current Residential Delivery Charge. 

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