ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Gaining a New Edge in Parcel Spend Management:

Gaining a New Edge in Parcel Spend Management: How to Eliminate Wasted Spend with Paccurate and Reveel

What does packaging have to do with parcel spend management? Paccurate and Reveel have teamed up to deliver actionable insights to shippers looking to reduce their transportation costs. This feedback loop empowers shippers to measure, execute, and monitor various factors to combat overspending on parcel shipping and packaging materials.

Key Takeaways

The impact of the 2024 GRI on transportation costs
The feedback loop between Paccurate and Reveel
How to reduce transportation costs by up to 20%

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The Reveel App uses AI and machine learning to provide an unparalleled look into what’s impacting your bottom line. Through invoice audits, AI and Machine Learning technology, and rate modeling/simulations, you can see the health of your operation and assess pricing changes from parcel carriers like FedEx and UPS. Sign up for a free Reveel account today to see how you can leverage automation to synthesize your data, ship more for less, and reduce the time needed to identify issues and action items.

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