Reveel + Paccurate: real-time optimization to
drive cost savings


Paccurate is the only patented cartonization solution that optimizes packaging and packaging for
transportation costs directly. Paccurate is a real-time packing decision-maker, focused on minimizing
every conceivable cost associated with packing—from labor to materials, to obscure incentives in
negotiated rate tables, it considers every angle to determine the most cost-efficient way of packing
every order.

Why Carbonization?

  • To reduce transportation costs – see an average of 15% in transportation savings
  • For process efficiency – the winner is always time and costs
  • For sustainable packaging – reduce cubic volume of shipments by at least 16%
  • To displace legacy systems – legacy WMS systems, if they have cartonization, are not
  • designed for cost-efficient eCommerce fulfillment.


The Reveel App, Shipping Intelligence, uses AI and machine learning to provide an unparalleled look into
what’s impacting your bottom line. Through invoice audits, peer benchmarking, and rate
modeling/simulations, you can see the health of your operation and assess pricing changes from parcel
carriers like FedEx and UPS.

Why Shipping Intelligence?

  • To reduce parcel spend – see an average of 22% in shipping expenses
  • For peer benchmarking – see your shipping health compared to other similar shippers
  • For continuous improvements – like recurring address corrections and service level
  • optimization
  • For invoice auditing and recovery – get every last credit you’re owed
  • For self-sufficiency – full control of your parcel shipping, carrier rates, and ability to negotiate the best rates for your operations


It’s often challenging to disrupt an old paradigm, especially one like box selection that’s been handled
primarily with tribal knowledge in the warehouse. But in the case of modern cartonization, the results
are hard to ignore. Coupled with formerly relying solely on parcel consulting to manage parcel shipping
spend, this is a partnership bound to disrupt legacy systems and increase speed to value.
Paccurate enables you to maximize what you negotiated with Reveel. Whatever monthly amount you
are spending in optimizing your parcel shipments, Paccurate will look at the costs, and tell you to switch
cartons or pack in a certain way that will bring you cost savings.

Get Involved

It doesn’t matter where you start
If you are a Paccurate customer, you already have the benefit of recommendations on packaging – and
can use Reveel to validate and cost savings on recommendations made from Paccurate
If you’re a Reveel customer, we’ve identified places where packaging is actionable – then you can use
Paccurate to implement on the insights you got from Reveel

Contact us to learn more, or to get access to the Paccurate solution!