Unlocking Operational Excellence: MFCP’s Data-Driven Shipping Revolution

In the heart of Colorado, Motion Flow & Control Products (MFCP) stands out as a powerhouse distributor, specializing in industrial products with a focus on hydraulics and pneumatics components. While their extensive product range and physical presence in over 60 brick-and-mortar locations across multiple states contribute to their success, the real game-changer lies in their strategic adoption of Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence™ Platform.

Navigating Complexities in Industrial Shipping

MFCP’s rapid growth has brought about diverse challenges. From large, heavy components to small, lightweight parts, the company’s shipping profile is incredibly complex. Will Hoffman, Vice President of Operations at MFCP, acknowledges the intricacies of their shipping environment, involving both freight shipments and express parcels, and the necessity for a data-driven approach.

Reveel’s Platform: A Catalyst for Change

Enter Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence™ Platform, a SaaS-based analytics solution that promises real-time visibility and control over parcel shipping data. Hoffman, with nearly two decades of experience at MFCP, found in Reveel’s platform the missing piece to incorporate a robust data-driven strategy into the company’s operations.

Strategic Transformation through Data: The Four Pillars

The platform empowers MFCP with a comprehensive four-step approach known as Active Shipping Management: Plan, Measure, Optimize, and Monitor.

  • Plan: MFCP forecasts shipping expenses, supports strategic decision-making, and conducts SKU-level analysis for product profitability.
  • Measure: Vital shipping factors are accurately measured, optimizing operational efficiency and assessing budgetary impacts of carrier rate changes.
  • Optimize: MFCP leverages the platform to compare carrier contracts, enhancing negotiation processes and ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  • Monitor: Hoffman constantly monitors shipping activity, tracks expiring surcharges, and ensures compliance, providing unparalleled operational visibility.

Operational Gains and Substantial Savings

In their initial use of Reveel’s platform, MFCP achieved more than $250,000 in savings. Beyond the financial impact, Hoffman’s ability to implement enterprise-wide changes has been a game-changer, driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness across locations.

Empowering Local Leaders: Turning Insights into Action

Reveel’s platform isn’t just a tool for corporate strategists; it’s a boon for local leaders. Reports generated by the platform offer valuable insights, turning location leaders into shipping experts. MFCP’s distribution network now benefits from strategic decision-making at both corporate and local levels.

The Future: A Data-Driven Shipping Paradigm

As MFCP continues its strategic approach to shipping, the company expects even greater savings and operational improvements. Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence™ Platform is positioned to revolutionize how MFCP manages its parcel spend, providing powerful data and analytics for informed decision-making. The platform, with its capability to measure, manage, and optimize, has become the cornerstone of MFCP’s journey towards operational excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of industrial shipping.

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