Reveel + Cubiscan: Savings on Savings

We’re all about savings here at Reveel, and that’s why we have partnered with Cubiscan, the global leader in dimensioning with thousands of installations at many of the world’s largest companies.

It’s no secret that accurate dimensions and weight are essential for warehousing, distribution,
right- size packaging, and freight manifesting applications. Cubiscan develops innovative solutions for master data collection, shipping and receiving automation enhanced logistics, and improved material handling. With their experience and expertise, Cubiscan guides customers to solutions that help them be more efficient, profitable, and environmentally responsible.

Once Cubiscan has recommended the optimum solution, the Reveel Shipping Intelligence platform performs the backend analytics on carrier shipping invoices to show the impact of the changes on the customers actual shipping spend. The Reveel platform identifies new opportunities for parcel spend optimization as well as ways to optimize the customers’ contracted carrier rates to maximize cost reduction for the final packaging decisions, all by leveraging AI and machine learning technology. With shared passions in transparency and cost savings, Reveel and Cubiscan further equip our customers with the knowledge and know-how needed to optimize their entire shipping operation – from dimensioning to contract negotiations and everything in between –using recognized savings from Reveel and Cubiscan to invest in the continued growth of their businesses.

Reveel and Cubiscan provide a demonstrable return on investment for every customer, based on the
actionable intelligence provided on parcel spend.

Overspending and inefficiencies are a thing of the past. Let Reveel and Cubiscan leave no savings stone unturned.

To find out more about how Reveel and Cubiscan can help your organization save money on its parcel shipping operations, contact us today.

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