Reveel News Roundup on Parcel Spend Management

In the world of parcel shipping, financial compliance and governance rely significantly on two key elements: General Ledger (GL) coding and order matching. These fundamental processes streamline financial management and drive efficiency in shipping operations.

GL coding and order matching are vital in parcel shipping for financial governance and accuracy. GL coding categorizes expenses, aiding in budgeting and expense tracking. It ensures compliance and offers clear reporting.

Order matching verifies orders against invoices, ensuring accuracy and preventing errors. Technology integration streamlines these processes, improving efficiency and scalability for businesses.

Reveel’s Vice President of Client Success, Michael Falls, recently published a piece on the matter in Parcel Magazine on Transportation Finance, Using GL Coding and Order Matching to Optimize Parcel Spend, take a few minutes to check it out!

In tech companies, hiring a front-end developer is critical, considering user-facing work and team collaboration. Forbes Technology Council members, experienced in tech staffing, emphasize a balanced assessment of candidates. They employ multistep processes to evaluate technical skills and interpersonal fit.

Reveel CEO, Josh Dunham, advocates a four-step screening: introductory chat, coding challenge, problem-solving session, and values interview. This thorough approach aims for technical proficiency and cultural alignment, ensuring impactful contributions from new hires. See what Josh and other Forbes Council Members had to say here: 17 Tested Tools And Techniques For Screening Front-End Dev Candidates

Take a look at additional news coverage this quarter and learn how you can implement active shipping management across your parcel operations:

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