Saving Thousands of Staff Hours for a Wide-Ranging Insurance Firm


With no fewer than 91 locations across the United States, Alliant Insurance Services was dealing with a challenge faced by many widespread businesses. Each location had its own unique shipping spend, which meant that the company’s central accounting department had to process 91 different weekly invoices from FedEx. Needless to say, this translated into long, ultimately unnecessary staff hours of processing and payment. It was not an efficient way of doing business.


After assessing the situation, Reveel implemented our Invoice Auditing services and was able to consolidate all of Alliant’s weekly invoices into one weekly payment report for its accountants to use in making remittance to Fedex. Now instead of cutting 91 weekly checks per week, the company only needed to cut one. Reveel also provided GL coding so that Alliant could assign FedEx costs to each cost center in the company, saving hundreds of staff hours monthly.

Free money. Unless you have the time to hire a full-time employee to audit your carrier invoices, Reveel is a must for your business. They have saved us thousands of staff hours consolidating carrier invoices to make payment to FedEx.

Nathan Harrison
Assistant Vice President
Alliant Insurance


The effect of Reveel’s Invoice Auditing services on Alliant’s shipping spend has been impressive. The staffing hours they’ve saved alone represent significant savings at no cost. In addition to eliminating inefficiencies and streamlining accounting practices, though, we’ve been able to save the company 3% off their annual spend due to late shipments and billing errors on FedEx invoices. Extremely pleased with the results, Alliant has gone on to rely on Reveel’s shipping intelligence to increase visibility with regards to shipping spends across more than 90 offices nationwide.

About Alliant Insurance

With a history dating back to 1925, Alliant Insurance Services is one of the nation’s leading distributors of diversified insurance products and services. Alliant offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to clients, including Risk Solutions, Employee Benefits, Industry Solutions, Co-Brokered Solutions, and Business Services. Alliant ranks among the 15 largest insurance brokerage firms in the United States.

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