On-Demand Webinar: 4 Ways to Transform Parcel Spend Management

Even the savviest shippers with processes in place to control parcel spend still leave money on the table. Shippers often negotiate in the dark and lack access to contracted rates of other shippers. Shippers are also overbilled because auditing parcel invoices is resource intensive.

Catch the playback of our webinar to hear from Josh Dunham, CEO of Reveel, Marc Aliotta, VP of Reveel, and Shannon Vaillancourt, President and Founder of RateLinx, to learn about how you can revolutionize your parcel spend management through a tailored data-driven approach.

You will learn these four ways to transform your parcel spend management with:

      1. Insights to optimize parcel spend, accessorial charges, and more!
      2. Maximized cost savings by identifying overcharges, inefficiencies, and negotiating better rates with carriers
      3. Customized optimization and automations molded to your business processes
      4. Alignment of people, processes, and technology for continuous innovation to drive productivity, cut parcel spend, and streamline operations

    Shannon Vaillancourt – CEO and Founder of RateLinx
    Josh Dunham – CEO and Co-Founder of Reveel

    Moderated by:
    Marc Aliotta – Vice President of Partnerships at Reveel

    Access the On-Demand Webinar

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