When Dramatic Growth Demands a New Look at Parcel Shipping

In the years since Reveel’s founding in 2006, we have seen and strived to accelerate the
significant change in how companies and executive leaders view the singular role of shippers,
and the important and often dramatic impact that shipping acumen has on financial results. In
any company that does business online, the role that shipping plays in business success is
obvious, but one factor is often overlooked: Parcel shipping operations also play an important
role in how industry-leading businesses grow and expand.

This fact was brought home again recently by the exceptional business process and project
management experts at Sunriise Business Solutions. Embedded in the shipping department of a
billion-dollar high-end yoga brand and retailer, they used Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence™ Platform
not only to dramatically lower the company’s shipping costs, but also to complete the due diligence
the company required to confidently transform and take ownership of its fulfillment operation.
With more than 40% year-over-year growth, a skyrocketing e-commerce business and a rapidly
growing network of brick-and-mortar stores, the retailer knew it wanted to control its inventory
management, warehousing and fulfillment operations rather than continuing to rely on a 3PL.
Such a decision involved complex questions.

Not only did it need to know how much it would cost to assume ownership and management of
the facilities such a transition would require, but it also needed to confirm how the company’s
shipping costs – and more specifically the carrier prices, terms and conditions it could secure –
would be impacted, not just hypothetically but in actual practice and use. Ultimately, the
decision to bring the fulfillment process in-house was made when Reveel’s platform showed that
the business would save $1.8 million in initial savings while delivering the control the retailer

As Sunriise’s President and Founder Ken Seidl noted “I love Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence
Platform because it empowers us to understand and negotiate our own agreements with
carriers, and immediately see how any changes to carriers’ rates, new surcharges and rules will
impact our costs,” says Seidl. “We can now budget for our parcel shipping operation with a level
of precision that was absolutely unimaginable before and we’ve found that the $1.8 million in
savings Reveel’s platform made possible is just the beginning.”

The takeaway for shippers is clear. In the face of dramatic success, a fresh look at the shipping
operation is often warranted – not just in case a new approach is worth exploring, but also as a
reminder of the crucially important role that shippers play in business growth.

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