Reveel was born from a need for transparency. A need to reveal the enigma that is the shipping industry. Founders Chad Beville and Josh Dunham came to this realization while working together at DHL in 2006, in a hotel in Dallas, Texas.

It didn’t take our two founders long to realize that the shipping industry thrived on keeping customers in the dark. The biggest differentiator they saw between those with high discounts and those without was the ability to negotiate.

“We wanted to build a business that would actually have the best interests of the client in mind,” says Chad. And that’s exactly what they did.

What makes Reveel different? “The vision we have and what we’re trying to do in the industry,” says Josh.

That vision is coming to fruition with the launch of Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence® Platform™.

Hear about Reveel’s journey from Chad and Josh, learn about the new platform, and get their predictions for the future of the shipping industry.