A New Golden Age for Shippers


Shippers have always played a vital role in business. The ability to cost-effectively and reliably ensure that a parcel arrived on time and at the right location was just as important years ago as it is today. Some things, after all, never change.

What is different today is that parcel shipping’s role as a pivotal business function that drives bottom-line and top-line growth is much more appreciated and acknowledged than it was even a few short years ago. There are many reasons, with increased shipping costs and the rise of e-commerce being two of them. 

Then, there are the advancements in data science, machine learning, and AI that make it far easier for all shippers to be far more strategic today than they were in the past. This, too, has enabled shippers to exert an even greater impact on the organizations they serve. 

Reveel’s platform is a perfect example of this technology-enabled shift. The many hundreds of customers who use it are creating tangible, measurable value—something that is being noticed and applauded at the dynamic companies they serve. 

But it is worth noting that the capabilities the platform empowers shippers to apply to their own operations and the shipping intelligence it puts at their fingertips, are not entirely new. In fact, the functionality we built into the Reveel Shipping Intelligence™ Platform is based on hundreds of interviews we conducted with leading shippers – all with the idea of creating a platform that would enable shippers to build on, and apply, the very strategies the most successful professionals attribute their success to.

What we found in those exploratory conversations is that the best shippers all had several important habits in common – habits our on-demand software and app allows every shipper to emulate and apply with unprecedented sophistication and ease. When every shipper is able to apply these habits to their own work it represents a golden era for shippers – once in which they are able not only to be more effective than ever, but see their role valued more than ever.

To learn more about these habits and what sets the best shippers apart, check out my article, “The Top Habits of Successful Shippers” in the March/April issue of PARCEL magazine. I discuss how the most successful shippers:

  • Make decisions backed by reputable data
  • Measure the vital factors of their shipping operation
  • Constantly monitor shipping activity
  • Optimize their parcel spend management efforts

Access the full article here to learn more about how shippers can succeed in this new era of shipping management.

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