Employee Spotlight: Marc Aliotta, Vice President of Partnerships

Behind every successful company are dedicated and talented individuals who drive progress and growth. Our employee spotlight series is all about introducing you to the exceptional members of the Reveel family. Get to know their unique backgrounds, discover their contributions, and gain a deeper understanding of the culture that makes Reveel a remarkable place to work.

How would you summarize what you do? 


I’m responsible for building Reveel’s partnership strategy, along with managing and recruiting partners into Reveel’s partner channel and ecosystem. 


What makes you want to stay at our organization? 


The Reveel leadership has a strong and genuine commitment to its mission, core values, and employees.  


What do you like about our company culture? 


The company culture at Reveel creates an environment of honest feedback, collaborative teamwork, and innovation to push the boundaries. 


Can you tell us a few details about the favorite part of your job? 


The best part of the job is the collaboration with my awesome teammates – who inspire me to work harder on a day-to-day basis.  


What does your daily routine look like? 


Day-to-day, I work with Reveel partners on joint opportunities to provide solutions for mutual clients, while also conducting partner co-marketing activities and partner recruiting initiatives. 


How does your current job compare with the previous jobs you’ve had? 


My work at Reveel is way more fulfilling because it feels like I’m having a direct impact on actual company progress. Reveel doesn’t create unnecessary bureaucratic red tape; if you want to drive impact, you will be enabled to do so.  


What things stood out for you about our management team? 


The commitment to constant company progress and the importance they put on their employee professional development. 


Which company values resonate with you the most? 


The Reveel core values of “Partnership” and “Perseverance” – I’m big on collaborating with teammates to achieve a goal while having an attitude to work hard towards goals and expectations.  


What have been your most significant achievements working for our company?  


The most significant achievement I’m most proud of was formally launching Reveel’s partnership program this year. Of course, this was not just my achievement – but a Reveel team achievement. 


Who inspires you the most within our organization? 


All the Reveel leadership inspires me – but if I need to choose, I would say Bill Taylor, Reveel’s Chief Marketing Officer. I’ve worked under a good number of leaders throughout my career, but Bill has stood out to me through his ability to guide clear strategic vision and provide constructive feedback that fosters progress for the company. 


What’s unique about working for our organization? 


Unlike many other organizations, Reveel allows you to truly have ownership of your work while remaining fully accountable to the expectations and goals put in place. You don’t have someone constantly breathing down on you – there’s a level of trust given to you. 


What’s the best advice you can give to someone who wants to work for us? 


If you’re looking for a company that really values its people, and will provide you with the tools to succeed, you’re choosing the right company.  


What skill do you think everyone should learn? 


Ironically, the skill of learning better. Everyone learns differently, so it’s important to pay attention to what tools work best for you, and what approach works for you in order to spark more curiosity and interest on a particular subject matter. That way, you’re better suited to learning things that might make you feel uncomfortable at first.   


What motivates you? 


Knowing that I work for a company that has a mission and set of core values that align with what I believe in. 


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