GRI Impact Analysis: Getting a Handle on Parcel Costs

Today, most shippers are realizing that the parcel marketplace is subtlety nuance. In many cases, capacity demands have fallen, as e-commerce growth levels have eased, yet shippers remain frustrated with exponentially increasing prices.

And to no one’s surprise, the Big Two carriers raised rates for 2024, announcing an identical 5.9% general rate increase (GRI). It was smaller than recent increases—but make no mistake, it’s going to drive up the cost of doing business for millions of shippers as well as their customers.

In this Logistics Management & Supply Chain Management Review podcast, Josh Dunham, co-founder of Reveel, sat down with Group Editorial Director Michael Levans to discuss how parcel shippers can get a handle on the current parcel shipping environment and the challenges it’s created. Dunham also explores the benefits that a GRI Impact Analysis can bring to your parcel shipping operations.

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