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Jim Collins, in his popular book, Good to Great, introduced the idea that companies don’t become great overnight, or as a result of one decision or action, but rather the sum of small wins that add up over long periods of time. The “flywheel effect” is seen when the momentum of small wins takes over to power longer periods of accelerated growth. The concept of a flywheel is derived from physics, in which a wheel is used to generate and transfer energy to other parts of a larger system, like an engine. A flywheel requires significant effort to start spinning, but once a high rate of spinning is achieved, momentum will take over and continue to turn by itself.

Actively Manage Your Parcel Agreement

When using Reveel’s platform to actively manage your agreement, you begin gaining momentum towards greater savings. Our platform is powered by Shipping Intelligence® which is comprehensive data that comes from our decades of shipping experience and millions and millions of shipping data points from our clients all around the world. This Shipping Intelligence® provides insights into your shipping activities that allow you to uncover opportunities for savings, comparisons to shippers like you, and set you up for successful contract negotiations. The more you leverage the Reveel platform to actively manage your contract, the more your savings accelerate.

Read more about leveraging Shipping Intelligence® in our downloadable e-book.

The Reveel App uses AI and machine learning to provide an unparalleled look into what’s impacting your bottom line. Through invoice audits, peer benchmarking, and rate modeling/simulations, you can see the health of your operation and assess pricing changes from parcel carriers like FedEx and UPS. Sign up for a free Reveel account today to see how you can leverage automation to synthesize your data, ship more for less, and reduce the time needed to identify issues and action items.

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