DHL Launches New Campaign to Help E-Tailers

DHL Launches New Campaign

DHL is here to help you expand into international shipping. At least, that’s what the Germany-based company is telling potential clients in the e-commerce industry with a new ad campaign.

This summer, DHL is heavily promoting the personalized assistance they offer to e-commerce companies who are interested in doing business abroad with the cleverly titled “Where Everything Clicks” ad campaign.

As DHL re-launches service in the U.S. and remains among leading carriers abroad, it will be seeking to win companies away from their FedEx and UPS contracts.

By not just delivering e-tailers’ goods, but offering to help them grow — and advertising resources and even one-on-one support to do so — DHL just might succeed.

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What is The “Where Everything Clicks” Campaign?

“Where Everything Clicks” is, at its core, a marketing campaign. But it’s full of potentially valuable resources.

The campaign includes how-to videos, white papers, customer videos and information about market trends. The goal, DHL says, is to show online businesses how they can grow their share of the global e-commerce market.

On top of that, “Where Everything Clicks” essentially offers intelligence services. DHL says the campaign includes value-added services like helping companies identify online traffic sources that can help them flag sales outside their core market and identifying competitors they may not have been aware of.

The campaign is tied to DHL’s On Demand Delivery, which offers “intelligent website analyses” tailored to merchants. Buyers using the service get email and SMS notifications about shipment status, plus the ability to change delivery time and location.

“‘Where Everything Clicks’ reveals purchasing habits of online shoppers, including always important delivery preferences and shows merchants how to use this information to increase sales. We want to educate current customers and to convert potential international web merchants,” said John Pearson, CEO Europe and Head of Commercial for DHL Express, in a company announcement.

Companies in the U.S., U.K. and South Africa may have already encountered “Where Everything Clicks” materials. DHL plans to target China, Germany, Mexico and several other markets in phase two.

What Does This Tell Us About DHL (and FedEx and UPS)?

International shipping is a big part of business for FedEx and UPS, but DHL has sought to differentiate itself as the global shipping brand. By highlighting those services, DHL is reminding potential retailers of its expertise. And by giving businesses basic tools to expand their e-commerce business internationally, DHL could be setting itself up for an influx of new customers.

In other words, if this campaign works, DHL could become the carrier of choice for thousands of e-commerce retailers that have decided to grow their international business.

“We’re convinced that cross-border e-commerce has a huge upside that many merchants — B2C and B2B — have not yet tapped. Our aim is to support web sellers as they go global and to stand as the international express provider of choice for e-commerce,” Pearson said in the company’s statement.

DHL has also boasted of its plans to make delivery UI better for end-line consumers. On Demand Delivery, which launched in 2016, is DHL’s service that allows shippers to activate specific delivery service options depending on their business needs. During delivery, DHL Express communicates with end-line customers through email or SMS and customers can select their preferred delivery service options.

Now, the company is highlighting On Demand Delivery’s customer experience: basket and shopping cart checkout, customer service, live chat and personalization.

What Does this Mean for Shipping-Based Companies?

Customers are no longer deterred from ordering products from international companies, as long as shipping costs are reasonable. DHL says that 70 percent of online buyers made a purchase from an international e-commerce site in 2017, up from 64 percent the previous year.

If e-commerce companies aren’t already thinking globally, they should be. DHL is positioning itself and its services as a ready-made kit for companies who want to take this step. Learn from DHL’s training, implement DHL’s processes and use DHL to ship to the new customers you find.

“International e-commerce is growing at a remarkable pace and we want our customers to grab their share of the market,” Pearson said.

For e-commerce companies, this is a proposition worth considering — especially since DHL says it can provide one-on-one advice to e-commerce businesses “on finding new markets to tap into and assessing areas of opportunity and improvement.”

If your company ships internationally, or if you’re considering expanding your growth of e-commerce cross-border shipping in that way, take a close look at DHL and the resources “Where Everything Clicks” and On Demand Delivery offer to you. If you’re unsure whether DHL is the right fit, consider consulting a trusted partner like Reveel for advice.

“Where Everything Clicks” is already revealing itself to be much more than a snazzy marketing campaign. It’s full of information that could truly help businesses grow. And if that helps DHL gain market share — well, then, the marketing campaign worked.


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