FedEx Bad Behavior Continues

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You may have seen last week some news that came out about FedEx, one of its vendors, and potential tampering with odometers. In short, it was uncovered that its delivery trucks were having their odometers replaced with new ones, wiping the previous mileage numbers and making the vehicles more attractive for purchase on the resale market. These allegations are part of an ongoing legal case, so there has been no definitive answer or blame decided yet, but it’s a story that bears watching.
That got us thinking about some other “bad behavior” by FedEx that we were able to uncover ourselves with our technology. 
One of our clients, Alen Air Purifiers, is an Austin, Texas-based company that sells True HEPA air purification products.  Their air purifiers and filters help remove allergens, dust, mold, bacteria, aerosolized viruses, and more from homes, schools, and businesses.
We helped Alen when it was time to renegotiate their FedEx contracts, laying out for them how they could save an additional $240,000 in shipping costs. Once the deal was signed, we saw that FedEx wasn’t applying the appropriate discount as they should have and their shipping costs were up – more bad behavior from FedEx. 

What did we do? Was Alen able to recover the funds that were owed them? For the rest of the story – and how we helped discover and thwart FedEx’ bad behavior, read on here:

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