Following the April 6th announcement of a temporary international surcharge affecting all international shipments due to the COVID-19 crisis and resulting disruptions in the global supply chain, FedEx has announced an increase for most FedEx Express international parcel and freight shipments originating in China beginning April 27th. Previously set at $0.45, all China outbound shipments will be assessed an additional $0.45 for a total of $.0.90 per pound. The minimum charge per shipment remains at $1.00 as well as the previously set Freight minimum charge of $50.00 per shipment. 

If you are concerned about how these increases will affect your transportation costs, please contact us for a complete analysis and Complimentary Invoice Audit. We understand that translating carrier increases into the overall impact to your bottom line can be challenging, and we would like to help you navigate the complexities and constant changes during this difficult time.

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