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What Is FedEx GRI?

2021 presented logistical challenges for businesses across the board. Rising inflation, shipping delays, and labor shortages are just a start to the laundry list of problems that created the perfect storm for an unpredictable shipping environment. And amongst the chaos, FedEx continues to pass on these challenges to their customers

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UPS Announces 5.9% Increase for 2022: Here’s What You Need to Know

UPS announced their general rate increase for 2022 and it’s a hefty average of 5.9%. To no one’s surprise, it matches the same substantial jump FedEx announced earlier this month. UPS’ average rate increases have gone hand in hand with FedEx’s for many years, which also makes this the biggest

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Pearson Farm Saves $200K renegotiating their UPS agreement

Consider this: farm-fresh peaches delivered to your door in just two days, tasty pecans right in time for the holidays—all without a trip to crowded grocery stores. That’s what you get when you order direct from Pearson Farm.  Based in Georgia, the Pearson family has been tilling the soil for

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Shipping Intelligence® in Action with Nisolo

Shipping agreements play a significant role in overall shipping costs for eCommerce companies, and Nisolo is no different. Omari and the Nisolo team first reached out to Reveel to help them negotiate with FedEx and UPS and select the carrier with the best overall rates.

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Shipping Success Ebook Cover
E-Book: Measuring the Health of Your Shipping Operations

Download the E-Book It’s a huge understatement to say that shipping and logistics management is complex. From budgeting for surcharges, understanding pricing bands and variable pricing schedules, to assessing performance, there’s a lot to consider. Posted rates from carrier pricing tables are only the beginning. There are expected and unexpected

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