FedEx Continues to Increase International Surcharges

Open cargo aircraft door

Expect another surcharge increase from FedEx on your next invoice. 

As of February 15, FedEx raised surcharges on international parcel shipments originating from the U.S. jumped from $0.10 to $0.15 per pound.  FedEx will add this fee to parcels destined for the European Region, Canada, and South Africa, except for packages heading to these countries.

Freight shipments originating in the U.S. and headed to those regions will also see an increase.  Expect the freight surcharge to rise from $0.10 to $0.35—a 250% jump

FedEx explains, “Air cargo capacity remains limited, and we are incurring incremental costs as we continue to adjust our international networks to best deliver much-needed goods and services in this constrained environment.”

This international shipping surcharge went into effect in April 2020 at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.  With rising eCommerce sales and continued logistical issues, it’s clear that these surcharges are here to stay.

Go here to find additional FedEx pricing and surcharge updates.

Lower Shipping Costs to Offset Rising Surcharges

Smart shipping is important now more than ever.  There’s little you can do about the carriers changing the rules, but there is something you can do about your shipping costs. It starts with information.

Making sense of FedEx and UPS pricing information can be hard, so we’ve made it easy for you.  We put together a guide, complete with general rate increase information and common surcharges.  Equip yourself with this information to say goodbye to surprise increases and ensure you’re making the right decisions for your bottom line.

Grab your guide here.



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